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Best chinese biometric products and solution supplier - HF security : Prison management

Demand Analysis

At present, most of the provincial and municipal prison security facilities have begun to take shape. But in recent years there are still many jailbreak, carry or transfer of prohibited items and other cases broke out, the reason for the aging of the equipment, the compatibility between the system, the user is not enough understanding of new technology and personnel management omission and many other problems are hinder the security of the prison Regulation. Prison security construction can no longer stay in the video surveillance, burglar alarm, access control systems such as a simple transformation and upgrading, all aspects of prison applications should be more in-depth and professional.

Overview of the program

     Using finger vein recognition technology in living certification, high precision, high security, uniqueness and fast and convenient features to maximize the protection of prisoners personal safety, and through modern high-tech prison access control system management tools to build a complete, integrated, A reliable, easy-to-operate prism intelligent access control and management system for monitoring and managing prisons as an organic whole.

System Features

       Management with finger vein intelligent access control attendance management system and various types of basic information

· Using finger vein recognition technology and intelligent sensing technology to effectively prevent illegal access to the regulatory area through multiple intelligent authentication;

· Through the construction of intelligent access control system, whether it is the supervision area police officers, workers, foreign personnel, All the traffic records at a glance easy to manage and query;

· Efficiently alleviate the heavy business of prison management and logistics services, improve the level of prison management, improve the quality of logistics services, reduce efficiency and improve efficiency;

· Provide rich and quick analytical decision information, accurate and rapid report analysis, and provide real-time management of all aspects of leadership.


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