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Huifan provides your house intelligent and secure system


Today, the application of biometric technology is becoming more and more extensive, such as enterprise, residential safety and management. Daily use of more fingerprint identification access control attendance system, face recognition, such as security doors. As biotechnology is more secure, confidential and convenient than traditional identification methods. Biometrics is one of the indispensable products of the security industry, which can enhance the project's bright spot and safety level as a whole. Now, biometric system products are gradually turning to the civilian market, into the public security construction.
Organizing Party Easily:
With our smart lock system, only invited guests at specific time can open the door, no need you to answer the door again and again. You can also set an effective time which people must leave your house at that time or he will be locked in the house. Our smart lock also has a virtual bit code function skills. In front of or behind the registered password, you can enter the arbitrary number as a virtual bit code, useful to avoid the registered password leak.  No need key,no need to remember password, NFC and Bluetooth android smartphone. 
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
High Security for Family:
If you do not want your family going outside, like elder and kids, our biometric system can meet your requirements easily. You just need set the time in our biometric lock, the lock will protect your family before you come back.
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
Baby Monitor:
Check video of your baby in real time, talking in video real time.  If you worry about your child will injured , our products can be a monitor to keep watch on your baby, just like you are at home .
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer