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Construction Site

Huifan provides a complete solution to manage workers at construction site

Secured Gate Door:
Workers need to register identity information, face, telephone, etc. for information registration. Workers in and out of the site in front of the card or check the face of the face verification, verification through the corresponding channel gate will be opened to achieve effective control of personnel entering and leaving the site. At the same time, the workers into and out of the site record upload management platform and as a time and attendance data, so that the attendance is rooted to avoid labor disputes, protection of workers' rights and interests.

Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer


Efficient Management System:
System software provides LAN anti-submarine function options, enable LAN anti-submarine, the staff verified to enter the site, you must verify the appearance before you can verify the entry, or can not verify the adoption. The system uses credit card verification or face to verify the way out, both to avoid the workers forget the card can not enter, but also to prevent the face when there are foreign bodies and can not verify out, convenient, fast and practical.With job card, you can just sit in office to give instruction there, telling workers what to do, with efficient feedback system, and you even know if a worker is at his working area. This will makes you know your wokers clearly and find the problems easily.
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
Attendance System:
We can work for the workers to the length of time, attendance, contribute to the settlement of wages. Make workers more efficient and HR less work! Avoid impersonation of time attendance.
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer