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Banking System

Huifan provides a whole set of equipments for Banking System


fingerprint hand terminal

HFSecurity assist the financial service providers in building a trusted and innovative system for bank and financial institutions, e-payment, microfinance and so on. Huifan tech fingerprint handset mobile devices compatible with NADRA, has PSAM slot with FBI fingerprint sensor.

Huifan offers a variety of biometric solution for Banks. Cash delivery man entrance system, Cash truck secure system; Staff log in system by fingeprint; depositor withdraw money by fingeprint, no more password. This avoid people stealing password for cash. 


Huifan products can be more accurate check customer status

As an accurate authentication method, our products can match the account with the owner more securely. This authentication method can effectively prevent common fraud, phishing and other fraudulent acts, and provide a secure online self-service trading environment. 


Bank employee identification

Biometrics authentication can be done by internal staff authorization management to prevent insider fraud, or even through the background of staff operations tracking and recording.
This approach can improve the efficiency of the staff and the implementation of the accountability system more thoroughly.
Huifan products are cost-effective and helping to enhance the user-friendly experience
Biometrics can greatly reduce the loss of financial fraud, while ensuring the safety of funds can enhance user-friendly experience.


Protect data

The use of multi-modal biometric authentication can effectively prevent confidential data from being compromised and eliminate fraudulent use of stolen data to access customer accounts and other violations.

As biometrics become more mature, as a unique way of identification, biometrics is rapidly gaining access to financial institutions such as banks. Customers are the most important assets of banks, banks and other financial institutions should provide a safe trading environment to enhance the customer's trust, and Huifan biometric technology can reduce the behavior of fraud and enhance the security of the transaction.


High Standard Banking System:
Cash delivery man entrance system, Cash truck secure system; Staff log in system by fingeprint; depositor withdraw money by fingeprint, no more password. This avoid people stealing password for cash.



Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer

Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer


Bank counters:


Industry Overview


At present, Financial institutions break the traditional business models, Release a variety of business models such as online banking business, mobile banking business and safe business. In this multi-service mode, Confirm the identity of the customer to ensure the information security in transaction process,it's very important to identify the customers. 


Demand analysis

The key of the financial business transactions is identity authentication. At present, Banks mainly use IC card, password, fingerprint, USB-Key, dynamic password and other methods for identity authentication, But these methods are easy to lose, Easy to imitate and other shortcomings seriously restricting the development of the financial industry, So financial industry needs a more Safe and reliable authentication method.Overview of the program


The biometric identification solution of Huifan includes fingerprint, face, iris, finger vein and so on, By uniqueness, safety and stability of life characteristics to verify the identity and ensure the safety of funds.


System Features

· Using biometric identification technology to authorize, To achieve security and uniqueness;

· Using biometric identification technology for remote authorization, To avoid the counter staff and authorized person collusion crime;

· Using permission o set the function of business operations time limit, To avoid the operator break customer information based on long time operation.

Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer