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Huifan provides a complete solution for securing school life


Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer


HFSECURITY biometric education solution contains cloud attendance, SMS to Parents’ Mobile Phone, real-time update, exam verification and customized software for reports. With HFSECURITY strong biometric time attendance management becomes an easy, secure and effortless task.


At present, there are more and more security risks around us, especially the safety of school students all of us are concerned. Students only in the school's security can be guaranteed, parents can rest assured that the child to the school management. Whether students arrive in the school within the specified time, Huifan products can be sent to the parents by SMS notification, so that parents assured. The school has a number of sub-district, you can carry out cloud attendance, real-time updates.
Huifan biometrics technology can effectively prevent foreign unidentified tasks into the school, to protect students' lives and property. Similarly, our products can be used in test verification, to avoid candidates to pretend to test others.
Campus Secure System:
For specific areas, eg. Labs, only registered users can get in,this is more able to protect the contents of the lab, so as not to disturb the lab.  CCTV system to check any accident. 
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
Examination System:
Avoid cheating when we have an examination.You can control the class by yourself. You just need a small device and cost efficient.
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
Attendance System for Degree:
Record the course hours for students, and give detailed report. This is more accurate.
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer




Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer



Exam education

Demand Analysis

For fairness and justice. Set a safe and efficient candidates identification system is necessary. Through the latest biometric recognition method. Identity candidates to prevent the on behalf of the test things happen.

Overview of the program

Technology finger vein management system of Huifan can be used stand-alone or networked; not only easy to use for small-scale examination, but also can apply to the college entrance examination, study abroad examinations and other such large-scale examinations.

System Features

1. One-time finger vein collection, the data can be permanently stored in the Education Center database, With easier examination management to follow-up;

2. Real-time query candidates admission and identity registration log;

3. Data sharing the whole network, real-time statistics of the current test room reports and so on;

4. Students can be certification management the daily access, Security and intelligence;

5. With intelligent, unique, advanced, security, practical and other characteristics


Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer