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Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
If we buy time attendance from your company , will you charge for repair ?   
Our warranty is 1 years. If any problems or damage not by accident or intentional, we will provide free repair. or change new ones if serious. (customers pay for the freight).we provide lift time free remote technical support.
Will you offer software with time attendance ? 
Our software is free in CD, will be shipped with device together. 
Can the hardware and software of our time attendance customized to be multilingual? Is there any requirement of it ? 
The language of the hardware and software can be customized. Standard language is English. The devices of MNG6 and ARM9 support different languages. There’s no quantity requirement and no extra charge for it. Please confirm with us before the order.
How to upload the data from time attendance device to computer ?
Firstly open the time attendance manage software, connect the device with the software by USB, TCP/IP, RS232/485, Wifi or GPRS, Then you can upload the data to the computer.
How is the fingerprint device working ?
We have detailed video show you details.
     The simple working method is: Register fingerprint on the device,then only the registered fingerprint can open the door.
Does multi-tongue lock need to be confirmed the direction of door open ?
Yes, but it is unnecessary for single tongue lock.
What system&develop language of HF7000(4000,6000) support ?
It is compatible with Windows, Android and Linux operation system, support all kinds of developing language, like Java,VC,C++,C#,VB, etc.
Why Android devices show ' open device fail' when use the HF4000, HF6000 USB fingerprint scanner ?
The Android device should support OTG function.