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Palm Vein Device


Palm vein module device VP680 is the latest palm vein biometrics developed by HFSECURITY! The module is the most accurate living body identification technology, making full use of deoxygenated red blood in veins.


The difference in absorption of near-infrared light between proteins and other physiological tissues forms a clear palm Pulse image, with high stability, strong resistance to attack, non-contact, and unique living body detection ability . 


Built-in high-performance and low-power processor, using USB interface for communication and power supply, supporting a variety of mainstream operating systems. Using near-infrared fill light, wide dynamic image transmission.


The optical system composed of sensors and aspherical distortion-free cameras can capture high-quality palm veins.
Characteristic images have high anti-counterfeiting properties.

VP680 Palm Vein Module Device

Palm Vein Module

Palm vein module VP680 supports Android, Linux and Windows operating systems.

Palm Vein Module Device
The module size (L*W*H) is 40*45*14 (mm), and the grayscale of the collected image is 256level, image size (W*H) is (960 * 720) pixel, distortion rate <1%, standby power Consumption ≤0.85W,

suitable for use scenarios where the soil is rotated horizontally by 20° and tilted forward and backward by 20°. 

Supports 1:1 authentication comparison mode and 1:N comparison mode, with large capacity supporting 10,000
Storage authentication of each palm, accuracy FAR≤0.0001% FRR≤0.01%, ultra-fast recognition, Time <0.5s

Palm Vein Application

The VP680 palm vein module is based on living biometric technology and has high anti-counterfeiting, non-contact,
The advantage of easy integration is suitable for financial systems, public security systems, education systems, public security, etc.

Application scenarios. Already used in palm vein access control machines, palm vein face dual-mode access control machines, subway In products such as gates

Feature of Palm Vein Device

  • Rapid recognition of palmar vein, USB / serial port communication
  • Support for a multi-system SDK
  • Uses near-infrared light to meet working requirements under low brightness, without the need for additional lights to assist unlocking
  • Large applicable angle, easy to identify by waving your hand
  • Ultra-low power consumption in standby, low startup delay, and instant access through palm swiping


Dimensions(L * W * H) 40*45*14 (mm )
Gray level 256level
Operating system Support for Android, Linux, and Windows operating systems
Image size (W * H) (960 * 720) pixels
Distortion factor <5%
Joggle FPC1.0-7P
Standby Current 0mA
Work Environment temperature:-15℃~55℃,Humidity: 20%~80%(No dew)
Working Voltage 4.85V -6.3V
Rated Current <150mA
Peak Point Current <500mA
Applicable Angle Horizontal rotating soil is 20° 20° of front and rear inclined soil
Comparison mode 1:1, 1:N
Capacity And 10,000 palms
Accuracy FAR ≤0.0001 %
FRR ≤0.01 %
Power time <250ms
Recognition time <500ms
Collect distance 7cm ~14cm


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