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SH-20 Intelligent Infrared Temperature Measurement Helmet

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SH-20 Intelligent Infrared Temperature Measurement Helmet

HF SECURITY-Biometric Fingerprint Reader and Tablet,China Supplier

The intelligent infrared temperature measurement helmet SH-20 is aimed at the risk investigation
and inspection of the personnel responding to fever during the resumption of production. The flow
of people achieves a new type of comprehensive prevention and control wearable detection equipment
that does not require close contact with the crowd, quickly and accurately discovers and detects fever
personnel, and promptly alerts to effectively control the risk of epidemic conditions.
HF SECURITY-Biometric Fingerprint Reader and Tablet,China Supplier
1. Personnel information matches its temperature measurement information, and automatically records and stores;

2. Directly display the heating status of the surrounding personnel through the helmet optical waveguide and warn

the heating personnel in real time; 

3. With face recognition, license plate recognition and other functions, the picture is still clearly captured in the fast

moving state, and it plays an important role in effective identification of daily management, visitor management,

and vehicle management

4. Command real-time monitoring and playback of front-end video files in the background, and conduct real-time

command operations for front-end personnel              

HF SECURITY-Biometric Fingerprint Reader and Tablet,China Supplier

Basic parameters

Net Weight <520g
Alarm Temperature 37.5°C (Can do own setting)
Fever crowd alarm distance 37.3°C: 2.0m; 37.5°C: 3.0m
38.0°C: 3.5m; 38.5°C: 4.0m
39.0°C: 4.5m; 39.5°C: 5.0m
40.0°C: 5.5m; 40.5°C: 7.0m
Detection accuracy of fever personnel 98%
Temperature measurement accuracy 0.3-0.4 °C within the specified range(Within 3 meters indoors and within 2 meters outdoor
Battery life Recording mode 8H or more Image transmission mode for more than 4 hours


traditional thermomters Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
Disadvantages of traditional thermometers
Advantages of smart Helmet 
The measurement distance of the traditional infrared forehead
temperature gun is 3- 5cm, and there is a hidden risk of
secondary infection.
> In the case of multi-person flow, it can efficiently and
accurately detect fever personnel and immediately alert:
The temperature measurement is slow and the work efficiency is low,
which affects travel and complains more.
● Batch screening of all personnel within 5 meters;
The traditional temperature measurement data is manually 
recorded, which is easy to be confused and has no traceability.
The background command center cannot grasp the front- end
information in time, resulting in information lag.
●100% detection rate of fever personnel with an accuracy of 98%;
● After communicating with user data, enter face recognition,
automatically record body temperature without contact, and
generate work records for easy follow-up; 
● Efficient inspection of fever personnel at anytime, anywhere
without contact or interference.
  • Equipment networking solution
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
Workers wear this device and transmit video files to the back- end
command center through the 4G network.
The back-end command center can view the front- end operation behavior in real time,
conduct two-way intercom to the operator, GPS positioning and track
playback,and track the operation in real time Personnel location
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
The background command center has timely control and deployment
of the scene, which improves the convenience and efficiency of the
  • Solution advantages --- compared with fixed infrared thermometer: more efficient and more flexible
  Fixed infrared thermometer Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer
  Fixed infrared thermometer Helmet thermometer
Indoor & Outdoor


Both indoor and outdoor
Deployment environment requirements

Complicated: need power and network; refer to the installation of bold Things;

configure racks, peripherals, workbench, front desk;

Equipment and background computer ....

Works immediately after booting, and can be deployed after wearing
Opecator requirements  As long as two people are needed: one person to record and one person to maintain the equipment

No workbench, computer, etc ;

all tests and records can be completed by one person

Support working methods Bayonet screening Bayonet screening, free inspection, high-speed anti-shake capture
  • Patrol mode: quickly check fever personnel in crowded places
Real-time display of dynamic thermal imaging

Helmet thermometer
Automatic warning for fever personnel
No contact during the inspection process, fast measurement speed
Back-end command platform to view front-end operations in real time
AlI measurement data is recorded in real time in the local and backstage command center

Software demo video:

  • Advantage one: anti-shake + high-speed capture, you can also shoot while driving, the image is clear without smear

infrared temperature measurement helmet

Law enforcement personnel wear our wearable device, and can clearly capture photos when riding or driving (vehicle speed below 80km / h), usingadvanced optical waveguide technology, strong penetration, and ensuring that the results of the capture will not be affected without affecting the wearer's vision Directly displayed in front of the eyes, so that the illegal behavior can be avoided.

  • Advantage two: Ergonomic design, two-color mold transparent brim, safer and faster

infrared temperature measurement helmet
The wearable device adopts an integrated design, using the center of gravitybalance design principle, which is comfortable to wear.
The weight of the whole machine is only 520g.
It will not feel uncomfortable when worn for a long time, and it is lighter than similar wearable devices on the market.
The two-color mold design is adopted, and the brim is transparent.
The wearer has a wider vision and will not be blocked.
When there is a falling object at high altitude, the transparent color brim design finds hazards more timely than ordinary helmets, and the safety is one step faster.
  • Advantage three: meet the latest GB2811-2019 helmet standard

infrared temperature measurement helmet

  • Advantage four: natural ventilation import and export + graphene heat dissipation and professional thermal insulation technology
infrared temperature measurement helmet
The four natural ventilation inlets and outlets of the cap body are designed with vents according to the thermodynamic principles of the air duct, plus graphene and professional thermal insulation technology.
The cap ensures the comfort of the staff in hot summer and long working hours or low temperature Provide more humanized design concepts for frontline workers.
  • Advantage five: the lens angle is consistent according to ergonomic vision
infrared temperature measurement helmet
The visible light and infrared thermal imaging lens can be adjusted downward by 15°.
When a person takes a photo, the habitual action will slightly raise the head. The lens is adjusted downward to make the recording easier
  • Advantage 6: AR visible light can be adjusted up, down, left, and right, and the wearing comfort of all kinds of people is not affected

infrared temperature measurement helmet
High brightness high resolution high contrast
Large field of view, virtual screen 74 inches (3m)
No vignetting No blind spot No sense of oppression
The angle of the optical waveguide display (up, down, front and back) is adjustable, suitable for all kinds of people.
  • Advantage 7: External removable large- capacity safety battery to meet long-term operation requirements

infrared temperature measurement helmet
5000mAh large capacity safety battery 
Standby mode: 72 hours 
Automatic identification: 6 hours Live mode: 4 hours
External battery, fast switching battery
Low power consumption and large capacity! Long battery life!
  • Advantage 8: Auxiliary lighting + laser positioning, not affected by day and night, accurate photo positioning
infrared temperature measurement helmet
The device is equipped with a high-brightness the silhouette LED lamp, which can clearly see ofthe human body within 15 meters at night, and can work normally at night 1 laser asteds psitionin photo ight, when the laser is positioned to acert rtain position, the camera will take a pitre fora crtin position
  • Advantage nine: Imported high- definition infrared thermal imaging sensor, the measurement distance is farther and more accurate

infrared temperature measurement helmet
Extreme value crawling
Imported thermal imaging module, high resolution, real-time back image of thermal imaging on the computer side, the highest temperature and alarm personnel are  clearly visible
Adjustable ranging
-20 to 60 canwork
  • Advantage 10: Built-in 4G module, real-time monitoring, backhaul, intercom, positioning and other functions
  • Typical application scenarios



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