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Fingerprint Scanner





HF4000Plus bluetooth fingerprint reader​

Convenient and compact, wireless transmission, built-in gift lithium battery and programmable Bluetooth fingerprint reader

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Bluetooth fingerprint scanner


Versatile design all-in-one

To keep working for a long time, HF4000Plus is then designed with a built-in lithium battery unit and standby protection. No command for more than 5 minutes and the device will automatically shut down.

Moreover, the HF4000 programmable Bluetooth fingerprint device interface uses a USB port, so even if there is no power suddenly, you can use it via USB connection to a rechargeable battery. The whole fingerprint scanner is compact and easy to carry. It doesn't take up too much space


Our Top Products

HF7000Plus can be used on both android and windows platforms. An expandable platform for programmers to develop, compatible with.
The fingerprint algorithm is also packaged as an APK. Any function that wants to be integrated into any platform can be supported.
The device can support 1:N identification authentication and 1:1 authentication

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Integration Made Easy

The HF4000 programmable Bluetooth fingerprint reader can be connected to Android and Windows and is compatible with the development of additional functions. Device interface can use USB or TYPE C interface for easy connection 

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Easy to carry

Easy to carry, built-in lithium battery, can be used by their own power supply; equipment more than 5 minutes without use, automatic power-off protection, to extend the use of time; Bluetooth fingerprint device size is the size of a palm, so easy to carry, does not occupy a lot of space. 

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Data Validation

The device can support 1:N identification authentication and 1:1 authentication

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Features of HFSECURITY HF4000plus  bluetooth fingerprint scanner

  • Easy to use, quick installation, ready to use right out of the box
  • Compatible and easy to use, supports windows, android, provides SDK for secondary development
  • SDK to help secondary programming, improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Bluetooth connection mode, easy to connect
  • USB transmission can be used with computer operation
  • Built-in lithium battery, no need to carry other power supply equipment
  • Up to 1 year warranty
  • LED operation, easy to guide





HF4000PLUS Optical Bluetooth Sensor With Windows Linux Android System


HF4000plus Optical Bluetooth Senor with Multi-system



HF4000plus is a compact size, portable Bluetooth fingerprint scanner, with built-in rechargeable

lithium battery,USB interface charging and communication port.




HF4000plus Optical Bluetooth Senor with Multi-system



Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer

Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer

Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer



HF SECURITY-Biometric Fingerprint Reader and Tablet,China Supplier



Operating Temperature

-20°C - +70°C

Operating Humidity


Antistatic ability

IEC6100-4-2 standard 15KV


BLUETOOTH (support Android & IOS) and USB

working voltage



3.7V lithium battery(1000maH)

working current

Max 100mA

Sensor Type

Optical Live ID

Capture window size: 22 x 16 mm

Effective capture area: 17 x 16 mm

Support OS

Windows,Linux,Mac OS,Android,IOS

Fingerprint Capacity





0.0001 %

Match Speed

<1 second

image format


Image Size


image resolution



Supports large fingerprint quantity comparisons in Windows and Android, like 1:N (N can be tens of thousands of fingerprint templates)

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