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MC02 Quare Classic Dual Light Thermal Imaging Thermometer

quare classic dual light thermal imaging thermometer

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The CM02 type dual light thermal imager produced by Chongqing Huifan Technology Co., Ltd .is
a high-precision thermal imaging that can measure the temperature of the target object online in
real time, output a thermal image video, and check the over-temperature condition. Platform software,
adapted to human body temperature screening.
The thermometer uses a USB one-line installation method to provide power and data transmission
through a USB line, which can be conveniently deployed quickly. The temperature compensation can
be performed by the customer at the deployment site according to changes in the environment, without
the need for constant calibration of the black body. And can guarantee the error accuracy in the range of 0.5 ℃ 。

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The product concept is based on the latest requirements of dual-photothermal imaging in product
performance, lightweight structure, cost and intelligence, and product stability in the current domestic
and foreign markets. It adopts advanced bispectral fusion technology to establish an internationally
advanced level of bispectrum. Linked intelligent algorithm technology, products represent the latest
requirements in the market and future consumer trends in the market.

1. Can use pc-free temperature measurement, two modes with pc temperature measurement to minimize on-site installation

2. Visible light、 Infrared dual synchronization for human detection, visible light to recognize human faces, infrared for accurate forehead positioning

3. Dual light infrared thermal imaging supports 320 * 240 resolution

4. Fusion of dual-light infrared thermal image and visible light image

5. Visible light 、 Infrared can delimit different areas simultaneously

6. Image output mode: connect computer via Ethernet, or wifi、Mobile phone

7. Support face recognition, body recognition

8. Intelligent positioning personnel forehead temperature, accuracy error is less than 0.5 ° c


If the temperature exceeds the limit, you can alarm locally and upload the data to confirm the fever to the command center

The product has the following interfaces:

1. Secondary temperature calibration software, which can be calibrated on-site by thecustomer according to different regional environments

2. For people with extremely high temperature, visible and infrared photos can be automatically taken and archived for easy traceability

3. For temperature measurement information, it can be reported to the government statistics center in real time to achieve quick understanding of the information



HF SECURITY-Biometric Fingerprint Reader and Tablet,China Supplier

Parameter Index
Infrared Thermal Imaging

Resolution 320x240
Working Band 8~14um
Frame Rate 9Hz
NETD 70mK@25℃
Field of View 34.4 horizontal, 25.8 vertical 
Lens 6.5mm
Temperature Measurement Range
Temperature Measurement Accuracy
(0.5 ℃ (indoor)
Temperature Measurement Can set temperature measurement area and center point
Swatch Enhanced iron red, white heat, black heat, iron red, rainbow, red heat, cold blue, etc.

Interface Standard Micro USB 2.0 power supply and data transmission
Visible light 1024*780
Language Simplified Chinese
Operating temperature -20 ° c ~ + 60 ° c (According to the requirements of accurate temperature measurement of the human body, it is recommended to be the best at an ambient temperature of 10-30 degrees)
Storage Temperature -40°C~+85°C
Waterproof and dustproof
Product Size 129mm x 73mm x 61mm (length x width x height)
Net Weight 295g
Picture storage Bmp、 Format