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IRIS Recognition

HFSecurity binocular iris collector IR15 is a binocular iris image capture biometric identification device that meets the regulation Technical Requirements for Iris Capture Device for Criminal Investigation.
IR15 HFSecurity iris recognition Biometric Iris scanner terminal
The device adopts binocular telescope structure design, which is easy to use, more ergonomic, and is suitable for all kinds of people. USB interface is adopted, which can meet the secondary development needs of different users.
Product Features
1. Iris image quality meets the regulation Technical Requirements for Iris Capture Device for Criminal Investigation; 
2. The telescope design perfectly shields the influence of external light and can be used normally indoors and outdoors;
3. The device supports both iris capturing and identification functions, and can complete relevant functions within 1 second;
Software System
1. Support the integration of images captured by iris devices that meet the regulation.Technical Requirements for Iris Capture Device for Criminal Investigation;  
2. Support docking with the criminal specialized system;
3. Support iris data collection and deduplication;
4. Support iris identification and verification;
5. Support user permission management.
Application Scenario
1. Deployed in the personnel basic information integrated collection room for iris image collection;
2. Deployed at key checkpoints to collect iris information and verify the identity of key personnel and criminals;
3. Provide efficient and shared iris comparison services for all police categories.
Structure Description
  1. Eye mask, reflecting the mysterious scientific and technological design concept, is used to assist iris location for iris capture operation
  2. Nameplate, product brand logo, the side with nameplate is the front, which should face up when used
  3. Hand holding area, used to assist users to hold the device.
  4. Connecting cable, supporting USB communication, is used for connecting and supplying power between the device and PC or terminal machine
  5. Standard tripod mounting nut, which can be used to install the product on the tripod


Basic Parameters

Boot Time <1s
Working Voltage DC5V(±5%)
Power Waste Standby 0.2W, working 2.25w
220mm×160mm×65mm (length×width×height)
Installation Mode Drive free
Weight About 450g
USB Cable Length 1.5 Meters
Product Functions

Working Mode Binocular iris
Basic Function Iris capture
Work Distance
0cm-1cm (distance from eyes to eye mask)
Product Performance Metrics

Capture Time <1s
Device Resolving Power
Iris Capture Resolution ≥20pixel/mm
Gray Level 256 grades
Gray Level Utilization Rate ≥ 6 bits
Contrast between Iris and Pupil ≥30
Contrast between Iris and Sclera ≥10
Proportion of Iris Effective Area ≥60%
Security for Eyes Comply with IEC62471, GB/T 20145-2006
Communication Interface
Interface USB 2.0
Compatibility Operating System 32 / 64bit Windows, Linux, Android
Environmental Adaptability

Work Temperature -10℃-55℃
Relative Humidity 20%~93%
Electrostatic Discharge Immunity
Gb/t 17626.2-2006 grade 2
Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Field Radiation Immunity
Gb/t 17626.3-2006 grade 2


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