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IRIS Recognition


HF-IF05 is a multi-modal biometric access control device with touch screen, supporting iris recognition, face recognition, IC card authentication methods. Professional ergonomic design, can adapt to different height users. The identification distance can be up to 30-100cm, with extremely high security and excellent user experience.

HFSecurity IF05 Iris Face Recognition Temperature Device

  1. 5.5-inch LCD touch display screen, with an intuitive interactive page. Through convenient operation on the equipment side, personnel management, information query, equipment parameter setting and other functions are easily realized
  1. Using the latest point-surface technology hardware platform, High-speed iris and face recognition algorithms, and Professional camera, fast recognition speed, suitable Use a wide range. High face verification accuracy rate, Support photos, video anti-fake, support far Program video preview
  2. Can flexibly choose iris, face, swipe card, etc., door, or a variety of combination verification door. Different verification methods can be set for different entrances and exits, or for the same device in different time periods。 
  3. Optional body temperature measurement module, support for two working modes, Authentication + temperature measurement mode, fast temperature measurement mode (fast Temperature measurement mode is only for face detection + temperature measurement, not for identity test Certificate, can capture facial photos, used for layout in without identity Validation site)

HFSecurity IRIS Face Recognition Time Attendance

HFSecurity IRIS Face Recognition Access Control Device

HFSecurity IF05 Iris Face Temperature


Product size lris face recognition / temperature-controlled iris face recognition
Size 180x56.5x169mm
Operate mode Independent/Networking mode
RM lris+face+-lC card
Screen 5.5-inch LCD touch display screen
lris images Comply with the international standard lSO/IEC19794-6:2005
Collection method voluntarily
Lighting system Infrared lighting complies with IEC/EN62471 international safety standards
Registration Time <1s
Recognition Time <0.5s
Users 50,000
Distance 30-100cm Adapt to different heights users, covering 1.5m-1.9m height
Support Network port, access control interface, serial port, Weigen, relay, Wifi, Bluetooth
Accuracy FAR=1/2x10-7、FRR<1%、EER=0.01%
Built-in in-vivo detection algorithm Support for wearing masks, glasses and sunglasses, veils, protective clothing, etc.
Material quality ABS
Operating distance 30-100cm
Working temperature -20°C-60℃
Weight 380g

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