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Xcore Smart Box​

widely used in various fields such as face recognition, intelligent security, behavior analysis.

vp04 smart box
vp04 smart box

Smart box function

  • Support simultaneous processing of 16 1080P@30fps H.264/H.265 real-time streams or stored streams. 
  • A special gas pedal for deep learning that uses a combination of front-end image pre-processing and back-end algorithm computing to support low-bit quantization of CNN, RCNN and other neural network structures, low-bit quantization of AlexNet, VGG, ResNet and other classification neural networks, low-bit quantization of Faster R-CNN, SSD, FPN and other target detection neural networks.
  • Support mainstream deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, Caffe and Pytorch, and support face detection, tracking and recognition algorithms.
  • Support dual gigabit network ports and expandable 4G/WIFI wireless network mode. 
  • Low power consumption design, combined with shell heat dissipation, can increase the cooling fan active cooling, the product is stable and reliable. 
  • Fully embedded structure, highly integrated, can support desktop placement or wall mounting, very easy to install and maintain.


Widely used in various fields of face recognition, intelligent security, smart site, smart community, factory and other behavioral analysis.I'm a new paragraph block.

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ai smart box

Hardware Specifications
Projects Type Model Parameters Description
Core Configuration Processor VP04 CPU 4 x ARM CortexA53
NPU Supports INT4 up to 28.8Tops


32KB I-Cache, 16KB D-Cache


512 MAC@INT8, 128 MAC@INT16

Storage Memory LPDDR4 LPDDR4: 2xLPDDR4X, 2x4GB Maximum capacity support 8GB
Flash Memory eMMC eMMC: 16GB
Flash Maximum capacity support 1GB
Connector BTB Connectors Connector 5V
Power supply Power input DC 12V
Base Boards Video Encoding   Support H264, H265 JPEG Capture Performance 4096x2688@80fps Maximum Encoding Capability 4096x2688@60fps 4096x2688@30fps+1080p@30fps+1080p@30fps+1080p @30fps
Video Decoding 16x 16 way* 1080@30p, support H264, H265 JPEG Decoding performance 3840*2160@120fps Maximum decoding capacity 4096x2688@120fps H.264/H.265 decoding maximum code rate 300Mbps
Audio Input One two-channel LINE IN audio input
Output One two-channel LINE OUT audio output
GMAC 2x Support 10/100/1000Mbps working mode, support RGMII mode
Video Access Portal 2x Supports 4+4 Lane MIPI interface
RS232 1x One 3pin Phoenix terminal
RS485 1x One 3pin Phoenix terminal
MSATA 1x One extended external mSASTA card interface
M.2 1x Optional 4G or 5G module for use
USB 2x Supports two USB 3.0
DEBUG 1x CPU_UART Type C Interface
WIFI 1x Frequency range 2.4GHz-2.4835GHz, 5.15-5.85Hz, transmission rate up to 433.3mbps
TF 1x One TF card slot
SIM 1x Standard card (25MM*15MM) inserted into 4G or 5G sim card (reserved)
HDMI 1x Supports HDMI 2.0 all the way, up to 4K/60fps
Internal storage interface Frequency 1x Supports up to 3733Mb/s
RTC Clock Built-in RTC, RTC can be independently powered by CR1220 battery
Operating temperatur e Operating temperature:-20~85℃


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