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  • Galvanized steel baking paint, rust and corrosion prevention, so that the door body in the harsh outdoor environment, can effectively extend the service life.
  • Digital technology, DC motor (brushless motor) deceleration fine adjustment, fast go slow stop, smooth operation.
  • Open the door direction a key to change, close the door with a reversal of resistance, reversal sensitivity adjustable.
  • Support face recognition, fingerprint, swipe card, network attendance and other access control systems, strong compatibility.
  • Door width within a certain size can be stretched to cope with complex installation environment, adjusted and fixed as needed.
  • Control fine and flexible: built-in motor and gear set, using intelligent chip control, transmission control fine, fast go slow stop, left and right to open the door direction switch convenient, open and close the door strength, buffer stay time and other control parameters flexible and adjustable, smooth operation.
Product material 304 brushed stainless steel.
Stick length 510mm
Channel width ≤550mm.
External dimensions 1400*200*980mm
Top cover thickness 2.0mm
Case thickness 1.5mm


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