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Face Temperature

The face recognition alcohol detection kit( アルコール検知&顔認証付き体表温度測定) RA08T-A is the latest machine developed by Huifan Technology for the Japanese market. For Japan's new rules operating more than 5 passenger cars, lorries and more than 1 passenger car more than 11 passenger cars business premises alcohol detector (alcohol detector), the obligation to designate safe driving management personnel. Developed and produced by the.
RA08T-A alcohol face recognition temperature device for japan
RA08T-A is a device that combines thermal imaging and an alcohol detector to perform both face recognition and body surface temperature detection, and because it can be installed in various places such as on a table, it can be used in various situations such as attendance
You just need to check the visitor's alcohol level immediately at the beginning of the device's alcohol measurement position
Put your face close to the camera and it will tell you if you have a fever within a second
The screen will change color and a buzzer will notify you if there is a fever or if the breath alcohol level exceeds the standard value
Data can be stored
Combine AI face recognition and thermal imager machine, can measure ID verification, health management and alcohol detection at the same time, electronic record of measurement results, plus optional label printer
RA08T-A Face Recognition Alcohol Temperature Device
  1. Identification: Driver identification with AI face recognition
  2. Health care: Measurement of body surface temperature with high performance thermal sensors
  3. Alcohol confirmation: Alcohol check with alcohol detector
  4. Result recording: Automatic recording of measurement results and external output via printer


Temperature detection

The temperature measurement module reads your temperature when you put your face to it.
Alcohol test
Hold the alcohol test together, take a deep breath and you can immediately detect the alcohol level in your body. At the same time, you do not have to worry about personal health.
Alcohol test port We use disposable, a test after the end of the device can be discarded and replaced with a new device
Face data can be registered in advance
If you register your face in smartpass in advance, your name, body temperature, and alcohol concentration will be output by voice during the test, and since AI is used to verify your identity by the contours of your face and eyes, it can be detected even if you are wearing a mask
Using fuel cell as detection component
RA08T-A uses an alcohol fuel cell to calculate the alcohol content based on the strength of the refined current.
This eliminates things that can be targets of malfunction, such as cigarette smoke and garlic odor, and detects pure alcohol.
Face Recogniton Temperature Device RA08T-A
Equipped with an NFC reader
For those who want more security, HFSecurity's RA08T-A has an NFC port. By adding the process of loading NFC, visitors can be checked more closely
Additional Features
In addition to the basic features of face recognition + alcohol content, you also have the option of a printer, 4G, health code scanning, etc.
Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer


OS Android 11
OS  Android 11
Display 8″ Full view angle IPS LCD touch screen
ディスプレイ 8″全視野角IPS LCDタッチスクリーン
Screen Resolution 1280*800 HD display
スクリーンの決断 1280*800 HD の表示
Dimension 373.7 (L) *133 (W) *85.7 (H) mm
外形寸法 373.7 (L) *133 (W) *85.7 (H) mm
Weight 3KG(Device Only)
重量 3KG (装置だけ)
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ 60℃
実用温度 -10℃ ~ 60℃
Working Humidity 10% to 90%
使用湿度 10%~90%程度
Power Supply DC12V(±10%)
電源電圧 DC12V(±10%)
Power Consumption 10W MAX
消費電力 最大10W
installation Method Turnstile, Wall mounted, Desktop, Floor Type
設置方法 ターンテーブル, 壁掛け, 卓上, フロアタイプ
CPU Quad core, 1.8GHz
CPU クアッドコア、1.8GHz
Filling Light LED filling light
フィリングライト LEDの満ちるライト
Communication Support wired, wireless(2.4GHz Wi-Fi)
通信機能 有線、無線(2.4GHz帯Wi-Fi)サポート
Temperature Module Built in Heimann Temperature module
温度モジュール ハイマン温度モジュール内蔵
Error Range ±0.3℃
誤差範囲 ±0.3℃
HDMI Interface Optional HDMI interface
HDMIインターフェース オプションのHDMIインターフェイス
4G Module Optional 4G module
4Gモジュール オプションの4Gモジュール
RFID Reader Optional IC card reader / HID card reader
RFIDリーダー ICカードリーダー(オプション)/HIDカードリーダー(オプション
Fingerprint Module Optional FBI certified FAP10 capacitive fingerprint sensor
フィンガープリント・モジュール オプションのFBI認証FAP10静電容量式指紋センサー
QR Code Scanner Optional QR Code Scanner, Support verification of vaccination certificate QR code
QRコードスキャナ オプションのQRコードスキャナー、予防接種証明書のQRコード検証をサポート
Serial Communication Interface RS232
シリアル通信インターフェース RS232
Relay Output NC,NO and COM
リレー出力 NC、NOおよびCOM
Wiegand Interface Support Wiegand 26/34 input/output
ウィーガンドインターフェイス Wiegand 26/34入出力をサポート
Reset button Yes
リセットボタン あり
Interface USB2.0, RJ45
インターフェース USB2.0、RJ45
Dual Camera 2.0M(RGB Camera); 1.3M(Infrared Camera)
デュアルカメラ 2.0M(RGBカメラ); 1.3M(赤外線カメラ)
Camera Type Wide dynamic camera
カメラタイプ 広ダイナミックカメラ
Aperture 4mm
開口数 4mm
Focal Length 0-2m
焦点距離 0-2m
White Balance Automatic
ホワイトバランス 自動
Wide Dynamic Automatic
ワイドダイナミック 自動
Facial Data Capacity 50,000 face data
顔データ容量 50,000顔データ
Multi-person Detection(Optional) Support detecting and tracking 5 people at the same time (Optional function)
多人数検知(オプション) 5人同時検出・追跡対応(オプション機能)
1:N Face Recognition 99.99%
1:N顔認識 99.99%
Stranger Detection Support
見知らぬ人検出 サポート
Remote Upgrade of Equipment Support
機器のリモートアップグレード サポート
Recognize Distance Support (0.5m~4m)
距離認識 サポート(0.5m~4m)
Alcohol sensor type Electrochemical type alcohol sensor
アルコールセンサータイプ 電気化学式アルコールセンサ
Range 0mg/100ml~400mg/100ml
測定範囲 0mg/100ml~400mg/100ml
Resolution 1mg/100ml
測定分解能 1mg/100ml
Sensitivity 5mg/100ml
感度 5mg/100ml
Measurement error Standard gas concentration <100mg/100ml at BAC Under base operating conditions ±8.0mg/100ml
測定誤差 標準ガス濃度 <100mg/100ml at BAC 基本動作条件下 ±8.0mg/100ml
Operating temperature range 5℃ ~50℃
使用温度範囲 5℃ ~50℃
Storage temperature range -30℃ ~70℃
貯蔵の温度較差 -30℃ ~70℃
Baseline working environment conditions Temperature: 25℃ ±%, Humidity: >80%RH, Atmospheric pressure 86 kPa~106kPa
基本的な労働環境の条件 温度。 25℃±%、湿度。>80%RH の大気圧 86 の kPa~106kPa