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Fingerprint Scanner


Bio600 Ten Fingerprint Scanner for National ID

The Ten Fingerprint Scanner is an epitome of technological advancement in the field of biometric security, providing a seamless and comprehensive fingerprint scanning solution. Designed to capture all ten fingerprints through a single, swift process, this device stands out for its exceptional accuracy and speed, powered by advanced algorithms capable of delivering results in a flash. Ideal for security-intensive sectors like banking, defense, and critical infrastructure, the scanner ensures unparalleled security by employing cutting-edge encryption methods to safeguard sensitive data. Its ergonomic design, combined with plug-and-play functionality, means it can be easily deployed in various settings without the need for extensive training or technical support. The Ten Fingerprint Scanner's impressive versatility extends to its compatibility with numerous identification systems, making it a versatile asset for any organization prioritizing safety and efficiency in their operations.

Slap Fingerprint Scanner Device

HFSECURITY Ten Biometric Scanner Device

Supply Voltage 5.0V±5% Provided by USB
Operating Current Typical Value<700mA
Interface USB2.0
ESD Contact:±8KV;Air:±15KV
Operating Temperature -10℃-55℃
Storage Temperature -40℃-60℃
Operating Humidity <90%R.H(Non-condensing)
Storage Humidity 20~93% R.H
Image resolution 500dpi
Capture window size ≥88.0mm*86.0mm
Effective image size Single finger ≥32.5mm*32.5mm
Four fingers ≥81.2mm*76.2mm
Image pixel count Single finger ≥640*640 pixel
Four fingers ≥1600*1500pixel
Capture time Single finger ≥25FPS/SEC(≤66ms)
Four fingers ≥10FPS/SEC(≤100ms)
Image distortion ≤1%
Uneven grayscale of image background ≤10%
Gray level 8-bit,256levels
Dynamic range of gray level ≥180levels
Gray value of image background 225~255
Image defect/pixel defect No more than 10 pixels with a diameter of 2 within any 600*600 area
Image center deviation Deviation between image center and capture window center: X and Y directions both ≤15 pixels
Weight 1250g
Scale 171*134*104(Length*Width*Height)
Standard ISO19794-4,ISO19794-2;ANSI378,ANSI381
System Windows,Android,Linux
Support Wet and dry fingers
Algorithm Registration algorithm,Comparison algorithm
Image Image stitching (single finger rolling capture)
Image segmentation (four-finger planar capture)
Other Finger position identification

HFSECURITY Bio600 HFSECURITY BIometric Scanner Device

Bio600 442 Fingerprint Scanner Device