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Fingerprint Scanner


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            HF7000 Android Bometric Wireless Fingerprint Reader


HFSecurity HF7000 Bluetooth Wireless Fingerprint Scanner

HF SECURITY-Biometric Fingerprint Reader and Tablet,China Supplier

HF7000 is Bluetooth fingerprint reader with IC card reader,Supports Windows, Android, Linux,

IOS. Programming Language including vb, C++,net Java and so on.It helped us done projects

like Pakistan Telecom, Airtel Telecom, Angola election in 2017, Bank, Logistic and so on.

It has been widely used in many identification applications.


HF SECURITY-Biometric Fingerprint Reader and Tablet,China Supplier

1. Support USB, Bluetooth interface.

2. Support Mifare card and IC card.

3. Support ISO standard format and customized format.

4. Provide multiple color, to meet different needs.

5. Provide hardware-based fingerprint matching and storage capabilities.


HF SECURITY-Biometric Fingerprint Reader and Tablet,China Supplier

Dimensions 83 (L) * 42.5 (W) *16 (H) mm
Supporting Cards Mifare Card (13.56MHz card) , NFC 13.56Mhz card
Working Currency Maxim 100mA
Working Voltage Built-in 3.7V lithium battery (1000mAh) 
Working Temperature -20℃~70℃
Working Hunidity 0-90% (no frosty)
Fingerprint Sensor
Sensor Capacitive
Fingerprint Collection      Reject fake fingers,live finger detection,LFD
FRR 0.01% 
FAR 0.0001%
Fingerprint Verification Time <1S
Image Size 256*360 pixels
Image Resolution 508DPI
Gray Scale 8-bit (256 levels) 
Image Array 18mm*12.8mm 
Anti-static Electric Capacity IEC6100-4-2 standard 15KV
Fingerprint Standard ISO19794-2/-4,ANSI378
Image Format WSQ, BMP, RAW, etc
OS Android, Windows, Linux, IOS 
USB Support
Bluetooth Support

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