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Why you need smart fingerprint door lock?

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-06-23

Why you need smart fingerprint door lock?

HFSecurity Door Fingerprint Lock
At a time when intelligence is all the rage, your home locks are intelligent? With decades of mechanical locks, do you occasionally or often have forgotten the key and lost the key trouble? Do you feel that the times are changing, the cold mechanical lock has not kept pace with the development?
Then please install a smart door fingerprint lock!
The trend is a trend, no one can stop and change it!
When you feel tired of shopping on the street, alibaba, ebay, amazon and other e-commerce platforms appeared; when you feel inconvenient to carry cash, but also easy to lose, Alipay appeared; when you feel the trouble of sending text messages, calls are too expensive, WeChat appeared.
When you worry about one kilometer from the end, the shared bicycle appeared; now, when you feel the trouble of carrying keys, smart locks appeared. This is the trend, no one can stop the trend.
Mechanical lock has completed its historical mission, the era of intelligent locks have opened!
Lock is an inevitable product of human social development, with a lock to guard the private sphere, to protect the privacy of individuals and property. And now, smart phones, smart homes, smart homes and other intelligent products have gradually appeared in front of our eyes, and in and constantly changing our lives, locks as an important barrier to guard the family, should also change with the development of the times.
Therefore, the mechanical lock is obviously not in line with the current development trend, therefore, after thousands of developments, the mechanical lock has completed its proper historical mission, it is time to exit the stage of history, and the smart lock as a new era, the product of new technology, it is also time to take the stage of history.
Mechanical keys always forget to carry or easy to lose, it's time to say goodbye to it!
Usually, the key is lost, what would you do? Sit in the hallway and wait for your family to come back to open the door, or hit the door to find a locksmith to open the door, or learn from the TV's Spider-Man to go home through the window ......
In fact, no matter what kind of method there will be risks, for example, sitting by the corridor waiting for family members to come home to open the door, in case you are single, and are working alone outside? The door unlocking small ads are not a small risk, in case you attract wolves into the house? And the risk of going home through the window is even greater, in case you accidentally fall?
So, to solve the problem of forgotten keys and lost keys, there is only one way, and that is to change a smart lock can be opened using fingerprints, cell phones, passwords and other ways to solve the trouble of forgotten keys, lost keys. So, the smart lock has taken the stage of history, it is time to say goodbye to the mechanical key.
HFSecurity biometric door lock
The future has come, the era of smart fingerprint door locks you should not miss!
Back then, all felt that the air conditioner is too expensive, so they could not afford to buy, and will use the electric fan, a few years later could not stay up, or bought. At this time, only to find that air conditioning is actually not so expensive, the comfort, electric fans really can not be compared, so that they are hot for nothing for so many years, it is not worth.
Back then, when the smartphone first came out, we felt that it was much more expensive than the feature phone, so we could not buy it, but later, the feature phone in hand was not killed by the smartphone. So, in front of the trend can not stop anyone. Therefore, the smart lock whether you use it now or not, it will continue to change people's lives, I believe that soon, you will also accept its existence.
Did you know the advantages of fingerprint smart door lock?
Fingerprint locks should be heard of, but relatively rare, other smart door locks are more common. Fingerprint lock is the crystallization of computer information technology, electronics, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology. So what are the technical principles of fingerprint locks and fingerprint locks have the function? Here is a look with the editor.
Fingerprint is the end of the hand on the front of the skin convex and concave lines, although the fingerprint is only a small part of the human skin, but it contains a lot of information, these lines in the pattern, breakpoints and intersections are different, in the information processing they are called "features", medical has proved that these features are different for each finger, and these features have specificity, so we can put a Therefore, we can match a person with his fingerprint and verify his real identity by comparing his fingerprint features with the pre-saved fingerprint features. Therefore, the above characteristics of fingerprints become important evidence for identification and are widely used in the field of public security and criminal investigation and justice.
HFSecurity Smart Door LOCK
What are the functions of the smart lock?
1, can be used for more than one fingerprint to open the door (a home or office often more than one or two people), product quality to be stable, good performance;
2, you can open the door (it is impossible for the head of household and nannies, cleaners have the same management rights to open the door);
3, you can freely increase or decrease the fingerprint to open the door (the nanny can easily delete her fingerprints after leaving);
4, with a query record function (you can always check the door records, sometimes can become key evidence, generally need to bring the display);
5, appropriate with some password function (fingerprint part is, after all, the electronic part may have a bad time, the temporary situation of the head of the household can use the password to open the door), in the choice of try not to choose too prominent password function products, after all, the password is not as convenient as fingerprints. Usually there are 4 keys and 12 keys of two kinds. Do not use the password to open the door as far as possible in daily life;
In the past two years, the development of the Internet of Things industry is in full swing, a variety of intelligent products have emerged, bringing sweeping changes to people's home life. Smart door locks as an extremely important part of the Internet of Things, and people's living is closely related, naturally sought after by manufacturers. So what is the difference between ordinary smart door locks and networked smart door locks?
What is the difference between ordinary smart door locks and networked smart door locks.
Remote unlocking
The main locking methods of home smart door locks are fingerprints, passwords, swipe cards, mechanical keys, etc. to achieve remote unlocking, only networked smart door locks can do.
If an important guest visits, but you are not in the company or apartment, you can remotely authorize unlocking through the APP, you can also set a temporary password to unlock the door through the APP, while you can set the time period to open the door, which is very convenient.
Early warning push
The smart door lock has functions such as anti-pry and anti-riot demolition. Through the intelligent IOT management platform, the status of the smart door lock can be controlled in real time. When the smart door lock is not functional enough or damaged by external forces, the platform will promptly push the alarm information to your cell phone to build a reliable line of defense for personal and property.
Cross-platform linkage
The smart door lock solution supports intelligent door lock linkage with other devices such as water meters, electricity meters and smoke alarms in apartments and public housing. When a smoke alarm detects a fire, it connects to the Internet. The door lock can be opened automatically, providing residents with a convenient and fast way to open the door.
Data Analysis
As a public housing property manager, you want to control tenants' access in real time, and collect tenants' account opening records in real time through the intelligent IOT management platform to realize statistical analysis and conduct dangerous behavior investigation for the property department. Provide data support for daily management.
Fingerprint Door Lock
Never use smart locks
Because the use of
You will find that every day with a key
is how annoying a thing
Even want to lose the car keys
Do not use smart locks
Because if you use it
Your friends and relatives around you
All will like her
From now on, you don't need to bring your keys when you go out
No longer you alone to enjoy
Never use a smart lock
Because there is anti-violence opening, anti-fake fingerprint technology
Make the home more secure
You can give yourself a little more time to travel
Find routes with beautiful scenery along the way
Enjoy the wonderful travel experience
Never use a smart lock
When you return from shopping without
Put down your belongings and look for the key
Just touch your finger
The door can be opened easily
From then on become more and more losers
Never use a smart lock
Because there is a master and guest hierarchy management
Add fingerprint permission at any time
Expired automatically expire
Don't worry about the nanny stealing keys
Never use a smart lock
Because you will fall in love with her
And you can't get rid of it

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