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How convenient is the school intelligent access control system in the end

Author: huifan   Time: 2022-12-07

How convenient is the school intelligent access control system in the end
"No keys and cards, just brush your face can smoothly enter and exit the school gate or dormitory, which can avoid the inconvenience brought by the traditional one-card access control system, such as lost cards, stolen cards, fraudulent use of other people's documents to pass, prevent outsiders from entering and exiting at will, and improve the security prevention ability and access efficiency."
school intelligent face recognition access control device
Analysis of the use of scenarios
At a time when students' travel is getting more and more attention, students' arrival and departure time is quite important to clarify the responsibility of all parties; the number of students is large, so it is unrealistic to rely only on school management to do attendance, and collaborative management is especially important; training institutions need a fair attendance platform that can show the number of students' classes; teachers also need to do attendance management, and it is troublesome to separate the two parts to operate.
For school/training institution attendance, it mainly focuses on the following demands.
A.Student arrival and departure clocking, with a large number of students, to be able to pass as soon as possible without long queues.
B.School bus transportation, confirming attendance of people getting on and off the bus, and there may be multiple points of getting on and off the bus. dormitory personnel bedtime statistics, to be able to grasp in real time those personnel have not returned to the dormitory.
D. Parents can receive real-time notification of their children's punch cards to keep track of their children.
E.Attendance management system that teachers and students can use at the same time, and teachers can conveniently assist the school in management.
Solution introduction
To solve the above attendance problems, the attendance system requires real-time feedback and real-time notification to parents.
A.Cloud attendance clocking records are automatically uploaded in real time through the network, so managers can log in at any time to check the real-time student clocking records and master the real-time student dynamics.
B.The system is web-based, and all attendance personnel have accounts, so the school can assign classroom teachers to students in the corresponding classes, which is convenient for them to assist the school to do student attendance management.
C.After setting up the clocking period, the system can produce attendance exceptions in real time, and the administrator can see who has not yet returned to the dormitory in real time, without waiting for the next day's report or making judgment by himself.
D.The cloud attendance has the function of real-time notification of card punching by applet, after students punch in, the account bound by parents will send real-time notification of children's card punching by applet.
E.Different departments or groups can be divided in the system, teachers and students are handled separately, so that it is convenient for both parties to take attendance separately and manage at the same time.
AI Sensorless Attendance
  1. Sensorless Attendance
  2. Intelligent Security
  3. Area prevention
  4. Visitor management
  5. Sensorless temperature measurement
  6. School Bus Management
Intelligent Security
1. Entry/Exit Comparison Record
Based on AI dynamic visual recognition and analysis, it realizes the in/out senseless capture and comparison, and generates in/out records in the cloud background
2. Stranger Alert
Identify strangers to automatically trigger alarms and actively remind security guards to intercept
3. Blacklist control
Support configuration of blacklisted people, identify blacklisted people to trigger alarms, and actively remind security guards to intercept
4. Track restoration analysis
Restore the trajectory of recorded personnel behavior, which can be applied to the school to find people, accident investigation and evidence collection, abnormal wandering analysis, etc.
5. Face swipe pass
Face recognition, accurate release, eliminating manual verification omissions and other problems
6. Visitor management
Visitors can make an appointment through the applet, upload face information, and enter the school through the gate by swiping their faces on their own, without secondary verification.
7.Parental information synchronization
Students swipe their faces in and out, and the system synchronizes the arrival and departure information to parents in real time through the WeChat app, which makes parents feel more at ease.
HFSECURITY Intelligent vistor face recognition access control
AI sensorless face recognition attendance system
1. 0.3 seconds face recognition
2. No queuing, avoiding congestion during peak periods
3. Check attendance anytime, anywhere
4. No roll call, saving time and effort
5. Principals can easily grasp the attendance situation of each class
6. Improve management efficiency
AI intelligent health system
1. Sensorless temperature measurement, abnormal alarm
2. Automatic generation of health daily reports
3. One click export, easy to report
4. From a comprehensive point of view, face recognition access control brings many conveniences to students and teachers' school life and school management, mainly in the following five points
From a comprehensive point of view, face recognition access control has brought many conveniences to teachers and students' school life and school management, which are mainly manifested in the following five points.
Intelligent gatekeeper, 24-hour guard
With face recognition access control, the AI accurately discriminates the identity of people entering and leaving the campus and prevents non-authorized personnel from entering, which not only avoids the inefficiency and possible errors and omissions of manual visual recognition and manual registration, but also enables 7x24-hour uninterrupted guarding.
It realizes seamless docking and intelligent control of campus gate security work, which can ensure safe and orderly travel of teachers and students even if the gate guards are understaffed.
Swipe your face in and out, the whole process takes less than 3s
Using face recognition to complete identity verification, students and teachers can swipe their faces to pass through the gate in 3 seconds, and it also supports long-distance dynamic recognition, which greatly improves the efficiency of passage.
Visitors who have made appointments and passed the person ID verification can replace the manual registration by swiping their faces, abandoning the tedious steps of information verification, which not only improves the efficiency of visiting but also enhances the visitor visiting experience.
Real-time supervision, the whole data record
Everyone's access information (including teachers and students' access data, visitors' data, blacklist data, etc.) is uploaded to the backstage in real time, and the whole process is recorded with data, which can be checked and exported at any time.
Administrators can also view the real-time data of teachers and students as well as visitors in and out of the school through the visualization board on the home page, which is convenient for the school to accurately control the entry and exit of people by time and object.
Parents know when students enter and leave the school
The time and location of students entering and leaving the school with their faces are pushed to the background and parents' cell phones in real time, so that even if they are thousands of miles away, parents can keep track of the students' arrival and departure from school in real time and be assured of their safety at school.
System linkage, synchronized attendance, temperature measurement, etc.
It can also link attendance, temperature measurement, visitor, alarm, and residence management systems to realize the functions of face attendance, face temperature measurement, visitor management, and abnormal warning for teachers and students.
The systems interoperate with each other to form a unified management platform, respond to various events in a timely manner, improve campus safety prevention capabilities, and achieve efficient and orderly management under the normalized prevention and control of school epidemics.
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