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what are the advantages of facial recognition? HFSecurity

Author: huifan   Time: 2020-08-03

People's worries about facial recognition technology mainly exist. When I use my camera to read my facial recognition, is it infringing on my privacy? If someone uses my facial information to commit an illegal incident, what should I do? If the system is compromised by a black hole, is my personal information still safe? Wait for a series of questions. . . . . .
But in recent years, the development of facial recognition has become more and more intense. Huifan Technology has compared various biometric recognition technologies, see the table below, comprehensively combining various biometric technologies, in fact, the comprehensive score of face recognition is relatively high.
Biometric Technology  Convenience   accuracy    Security Level Long-term stability Identify equipment cost May have to interfere
Fingerprint Scanner Higher           High         medium Extremely high  medium   Dirty, greasy, skin abrasion, etc.   
Facial Recognition Extremely high High         High                  Higher                       medium                        Light, occlusion, etc.
Iris recognition  medium           Extremely high   Extremely high Higher High Contact lens etc
Voice Recognition  Higher medium                        Higher medium                        Lower Noise, cold, etc.
Palm Recognition medium                        High High Higher High Age, physiological changes, etc.
 In this article, we will discuss the 4 benefits of facial recognition.     
First, we will take you to learn about biometric facial technology from What, How.
What Is Facial Recognition Technology?
First, we will take you to learn about biometric facial technology from What, Why
Face recognition technology refers to the use of computer technology for analysis and comparison to recognize faces. Face recognition is a popular computer technology research field, including face tracking detection, automatic adjustment of image zoom, night infrared detection, automatic adjustment of exposure intensity and other technologies.
Face recognition refers to a technology that can recognize or verify the identity of the subject in an image or video. The first face recognition algorithm was born in the early seventies. Since then, their accuracy has greatly improved, and now people tend to prefer face recognition to biometric methods that are traditionally considered more robust, such as fingerprint or iris recognition.
One big difference that makes facial recognition more popular than other biometric methods is that facial recognition is non-invasive in nature. For example, fingerprint recognition requires the user to press a finger on the sensor, iris recognition requires the user to be close to the camera, and voice recognition requires the user to speak loudly.
In contrast, modern face recognition systems only require users to be within the camera's field of view (assuming their distance from the camera is reasonable). This makes face recognition the most user-friendly biometric method.
This also means that face recognition has a wider range of potential applications, because it can also be deployed in environments where users do not expect to cooperate with the system, such as surveillance systems. Other common applications of face recognition include access control, fraud detection, identity authentication and social media
Why should we use facial recognition technology?
 Benefits of Facial Recognition Technology
1.  Facial Recognition Can Improve Public Security 
The Nigerian hospital used Huifan RA05 facial recognition product.
1. 0.7S quick identification.
It avoids the phenomenon of crowded queuing, fast, effective and time saving.
2. Dynamic live body recognition, reject photo recognition.
Dynamic recognition ensures user safety and privacy. The bad guys can't use the photos they have already obtained to register and log in to obtain user information. Cause the loss of information, and illegal incidents to obtain products.
3. Large memory capacity.
2GB RAM and 8GB ROM storage capacity, even if there are more employees, photos can be stored.
4. 10,000 (auto override) log storage capacity.
The device can save up to 10,000 records, and querying information is easy. The technology can detect and judge equipment problems based on logs, which is convenient and effective.
2. – Fast and Non-Invasive Identity Verification
facial-recognition software
Another advantage of face recognition technology is that the processing speed is extremely fast, because the face recognition technology does not need to store the user's ID, password, and there is no connection between the user's personal information. In this way of password authentication, the database needs to match the user, and then find the user's password from a large number of data, which takes a certain amount of time, and facial recognition does not require such troubles, so the recognition speed is very fast.
Fast and non-intrusive authentication
With face recognition technology, users do not need to line up very long to verify. Facial recognition technology can quickly match facial information features from the database based on facial features, and release them, eliminating the trouble of waiting in line.
In addition, don't think about fooling face recognition. The AI ​​algorithm for face recognition is perfect. It can reject photo recognition, so don't expect to use static photos for dynamic recognition and registration.
3. - Benefits of Facial Recognition in Airport
facial recognition technology
The arrival of the epidemic has made it increasingly difficult to secure public places such as airports and train stations. General biometric devices cannot avoid close contact and cause infection.
Facial recognition technology adopts contactless registration technology. Keep a certain distance between the user and the device, and aim the face at the camera to verify and recognize. This non-contact technology greatly reduces the multiple contacts between the user and the device, and between the user and the user, and provides security for the security personnel.
Facial recognition technology combines AI technology and temperature infrared measurement module to make facial recognition technology with temperature recognition. This technology can not only recognize human faces, but also read the user's temperature. When the epidemic is getting worse, face recognition equipment with temperature recognition just meets the current safety issues.
4. -Benefits of Facial Recognition in Banking
The banking system is so mature that it uses password verification to transfer and withdraw funds. However, this is also dangerous. Hackers can match the user's account and password through the database to perform brute force cracking.
Because banks will gradually adopt facial recognition algorithms. This algorithm eliminates the need to enter the password. Using dynamic facial recognition technology, it is useless for hackers to obtain your photos instantly, because dynamic facial recognition technology can reject photos Recognize, and can also take some dynamic actions to verify the authenticity of the user.
Therefore, facial recognition technology will become more and more popular in banking systems.
Facial Recognition with Artificial Intelligence
Consider the benefits of facial recognition for your company
In this article, we introduced in detail the advantages of facial recognition technology, and we have actually participated in many projects, such as airport security, Nigerian government hospital projects and so on. Huifan Technology has many practical projects in facial recognition, and our ability is okay.
We once again sincerely invite you to discuss the pros and cons of facial recognition with us.
Do you want to know more about our facial recognition technology in other projects? Send us an email to let us know! If you have other insights, you can leave your valuable suggestions below, and we will discuss them seriously!
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