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Temperature Kiosk with Facial Recognition Introduction

Author: huifan   Time: 2021-10-12

Temperature Screening Kiosk with Access Control & Face Recognition provide a quick and reliable way for businesses to reopen and stay open during a COVID-19 pandemic. The kiosks can be integrated with a number of integrated APIs for additional functionality beyond temperature scanning. The concept of the kiosk was briefly introduced above, so let's get together to learn more about it and whether my company can introduce this business.


What is Temperature Scanning Kiosk?
How to Use Facial Recognition Technology?
But how does facial recognition work?
Can they stop the spread of infectious diseases?
How can Personnel management kiosks with temperature check  be integrated into the enterprise?
How much do Automatic Temperature Scanner Kiosk with Face Recognition & Access Control cost?
Need a reliable fever scanner to protect your workplace?
Does your workplace need information scanners for your security?
RA08T Health Code Face RecognitionTemperature Measurement Kiosks
RA Series Temperature detection display and facial recognition kiosk solutions
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What is a temperature screening kiosk for covid?

The temperature scanning kiosk combines facial recognition technology as well as infrared temperature measurement technology to accomplish the detection of a person's facial recognition body temperature through both technologies

These devices can identify individuals and assess their body temperature in seconds. Temperature recognition kiosks are a good option for large venues or entertainment events, and a good solution for screening students' temperatures in schools

These kiosks are non-contact, which minimizes employee contact with visitors if they must use a handheld thermometer to scan them.

The use of kiosks is mainly combined with thermal imaging infrared scanning technology, but this technology is different from the professional infrared scanner technology (MC05Pro). The professional infrared technology scans the whole body, while the automated temperature kiosk only scans the temperature of the forehead.

The temperature scanning kiosks also have less variation in readings due to the different scanning methods. These kiosks can only scan one person at a time and require that person to stand approximately 2 feet away.

This is a more accurate method of assessing an individual's temperature than using other mass temperature review methods such as thermal imaging cameras, which can scan a population from a greater distance at a time.

Desktop Temperature Screening Kiosk with Facial Recognition HFSecurity

How to Use Facial Recognition Technology?

These Body Temperature & Facial Recognition Touchless Kios have two functions for facial recognition: identifying and locating a person's forehead in order to accurately perform temperature readings, and historically tracking temperatures in a user's profile.

Many temperature scanning kiosks allow individuals to create user profiles. With these profiles, the system identifies a person as a trusted visitor and will record their body temperature.

User profiles are useful for organizations such as corporate offices that need contact tracking in the event of an employee's illness, or companies that want to allow access only to verified users.

As we mentioned above, the kiosk can integrate additional API functions, so the kiosk is often also used in a building for visitor access control functions.

But how does facial recognition work?


Facial recognition technology uses biometrics to map a user's facial features from a photo or video. Biometric features are biological measurements, such as the shape of a person's eyes or face, that can be used to uniquely identify an individual. 

To construct this map, also known as a facial feature, facial recognition technology records many unique features on a person's face, with key factors including the distance between the eyes and the distance from the forehead to the chin.

This data is then used to create a facial signature consisting of complex mathematical formulas. After mapping the individual's face, the technology compares this information with a database of known faces to find a match. Tens of thousands or more of facial recognition photos are stored in a database

For temperature scanning kiosks, the database from which the machine extracts may simply be a user profile created using the kiosk.

Any other person scanned without a user profile may be able to be scanned, but unless they create a user profile, their identity will not be recognized.

The increasing recognition accuracy of facial recognition systems is a feedback of the continuous learning of AI artificial intelligence。 Machine learning involves computers learning tasks on their own to independently improve their skills. 

In improving the accuracy of facial recognition systems, machine learning is used to reward computers for correct facial recognition and punish computers for incorrect recognition.

As the AI continues to learn and the algorithms are upgraded and optimized, the system automatically determines whether it is recognizing a face or an object and how two faces are two people based on the information it has learned.

To distinguish one face from another, the system uses various complex anatomical features described earlier, such as the distance between a person's eyes or eyes.

To distinguish facial information between different people, the system uses a fixed algorithm of its own based on the skeletal information of the face, each person's eyes to nose and nose to mouth, and this algorithm is the sentence that the system recognizes

To use the kiosk for temperature measurement, we simply walk up to the device, point our extra at the infrared camera and the infrared light will automatically recognize your temperature, and an artificial intelligence algorithm will recognize if you are you

temperature screening kiosk for covid HFSecurity

If an individual's body temperature is above the allowable threshold, they can be pulled aside for additional screening. Additional screenings may include a quick interview of individual symptoms or another temperature screening using a handheld thermometer.

For some large companies with too many people coming in and out of departments every day, we create folders belonging to each department in the backend of the system, and we can access each department's folder and track their temperature 

Because the kiosk is an open space, it can be integrated with many additional functions, so the kiosk is not just a temperature recognition device. Kiosks can also be paired with doors so that only people with normal temperatures and who belong to that access authority can enter

In addition, these kiosks can sometimes be used for attendance. For example, schools can use these kiosks to scan students as they arrive in the morning.

Similar to company departmental profiles, in schools we could create a user profile for each student, and when students arrive and leave school each day their temperature would be recorded, allowing better attention to be paid to the student's physical condition and whether they arrived by on time

Can they stop the spread of infectious diseases?

While the use of automatic temperature scanner kiosk  cannot completely stop the spread of infectious diseases, they can be used in organizational situations to identify individuals who should be pulled aside for further screening. 

For example, if a school scans a student when they arrive in the morning and the student registers a fever, they can be sent to the nurse's office for further questioning about how they are feeling. 

While temperature scanners cannot identify asymptomatic individuals, they are often more difficult to track because there are no visible symptoms. In such cases, additional protocols can be implemented to minimize the risk of transmission of the virus from these individuals.

Additional protocols may include mask requirements, social distance guidelines, and publicly available hand sanitizer. These protocols, combined with thorough temperature scanning, greatly reduce the chances of an infected person entering the enterprise or spreading the virus. 

How can Personnel management kiosks with temperature check  be integrated into the enterprise?

Different types of organization types can use temperature scanners where they are needed

  • Corporate offices/warehouses

Large companies may use these kiosks to quickly screen employees and clock them in when they arrive.For workers who need to take attendance, facial recognition with time and temperature is perfect for them, and time and attendance is exported uniformly for easy payroll calculation

Visitors can also be scanned before being granted access to the building. If kiosks are placed in the vestibule of a building, each visitor, whether a mail carrier or a customer, can be scanned before they are allowed to enter the building.

While companies can foster a culture of hygiene best practices, such as the requirement to wear a mask and maintain a social distance, this culture does not always apply to visitors. Using kiosks in building locations reduces the risk of visitor infection from the first step

  • Schools

Elementary schools, high schools, and universities can use temperature screening kiosk for schools to verify the temperature and face of each person entering and leaving the campus.

Kiosks are perfectly compatible and can be integrated with a wide range of software, often also used for time and attendance functions. If these kiosks are synchronized with a printer, a sticker label can be printed showing the student's name and temperature.

This serves as both physical proof that the student's temperature has cleared and proof of their attendance record. Kids love stickers, so this is a fun way to take attendance, monitor students for fevers, and save teachers the time they spend on attendance each morning.  

  • Activity Venues

Event venues such as concert halls and sports fields pack thousands of people into a building at a time, which means they really need to be able to reduce the potential risks associated with gathering large crowds.

In addition, with many attendees entering through the doors at the same time, a quick body temperature scan is a great way to ensure that everyone is 

Large event venues can use these face recognitionc temperature kiosks to quickly scan attendees as they enter the building. For example, at a concert venue, attendees must approach the temperature scanning kiosk before their tickets can be scanned.

  • Physicians' offices

In addition to schools and businesses, medical facilities are also suitable for use, so why say so?.Facial recognition temperature detection equipment with health code recognition can identify which people have abnormal temperatures and which health codes are problematic in the first place, and the information screened out in the first place can effectively avoid secondary infection. And this non-contact, automated identification method, reducing the human-to-human docking For example, a physician's office could use a temperature scanning kiosk to allow patients to register for appointments and then use an ear or forehead thermometer during the patient's visit.

temperature screening kiosk for schools hfsecurity


How much do Automatic Temperature Scanner Kiosk with Face Recognition & Access Control cost?

The following are the costs of temperature scanning kiosks compared to other types of temperature scanners.

  • Temperature scanning kiosks are available from other vendors for about $2,000-$4,000 (with or without service fees depending on the vendor). price for a set of Huifan is only $500, which is well below the market price.
  • Commercial grade thermal imaging cameras sell for between $500-$17,000.
  • Digital oral thermometers cost between $5-$20.   
  • Temporal (forehead) temperature scanners cost between $30-$60.
  • Tympanic (ear) thermometers cost about $20-$55.  

While temperature scanning kiosks are more expensive than some of the other types of temperature scanners on the market, such as forehead and oral thermometers, they are worth it if a business is looking for a solution that can provide mass scanning capabilities while adhering to social distance guidelines.


Depending on your needs for a temperature scanner, price may not be the most important issue. For example, if you want a home thermometer, you can simply purchase an oral thermometer.

If your company is a hospitality type company, with countless visitors every day, how many registrars may not be enough, and there is also cross-contamination, so you can use facial kiosks that can scan thousands of people at a time

Although the price of the Body Temperature & Facial Recognition Touchless Kiosk is much higher than the ordinary forehead temperature gun, but in comparison, the kiosk's function far exceeds this price, here is the comparison. In addition, because these kiosks are non-contact, employees don't have to risk their health by scanning visitors at close range with a handheld thermometer.  

Temperature identification scanners do as a solution created during COVID-19, and now have more functions than just temperature detection

Need a reliable fever scanner to protect your workplace?

Temperature scanning plays a vital role in any business environment. It helps ensure the health and safety of employees, visitors and customers who will enter your premises.

Having someone manually check body temperatures at your entrance can create long lines, which can be very frustrating for everyone involved. To simplify your operation, you need a contactless scanner that provides an accurate temperature reading immediately.

Give your workplace a higher level of protection with a Kriosk temperature access management system.

Show your customers and employees that you take their health and well-being seriously. This fever scanner is equipped with a thermal infrared camera that takes accurate temperature readings in less than a second. The readings are displayed on a large 8-inch LCD screen that sits on a stable base.

Does your workplace need information scanners for your security?

The answer is yes!

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It has an automatic facial record keeping feature.

The Touchless Infrared Body Forehead Temperature Themometer Non Concact Mask & Fever Detection can transfer data to the central management backend in two ways: a TCP/IP wired Ethernet way and a WIFI wireless connection. You can use this temperature reader on its own or integrate it into your site management network system and synchronize it with your automatic ID readers and access control.

  • Need more time to make a decision? Here are more reasons to love this automated fever scanner.
  • Mask detection and voice alarm feature
  • Screen with IPS LCD with 1280*800 resolution
  • Dual light design with IR and white LEDs
  • Dual 2 megapixel cameras for detection
  • Measuring distance up to 1 meter
  • Create a safe, warm and comfortable working environment. After reading so much, is it time to decide to buy it!!! Hurry up and 
  • Temperature Screening Kiosk Features
  • LAN/Wi-Fi enabled
  • Stylish and smart design
  • 8-inch IPS full-view LCD display.
  • Industrial look, water and dust resistant design, stable and reliable
  • Saves time and encourages prevention
  • Fully automatic and contactless
  • Reads temperature in less than 1 second
  • Multilingual verbal alerts, including abnormal temperature warnings
  • Integrates with other ID card readers, access and access control, etc.
  • Facial recognition access control device allows for rapid detection of body temperature for greater efficiency and security
  • Accurate recognition of facial information and temperature information even when wearing a mask
  • Uses industrial binocular wide dynamic cameras with dual infrared and LED fill lights at night
  • Detects temperature at distances up to 1 meter
  • Export data and reports from CMS software

By integrating them into one operation, people can quickly and effectively reduce health risks. If you would like to learn more or purchase, please see our product page here.

A secure approach to COVID-19 prevention for businesses

At HFSecurity, we are always working on new ways to get employees back to work and customers safely back on premises. Contact our team to learn more about the following technology solutions that help with security identification and people management for businesses, venues and public institutions.

RA08T Health Code Face RecognitionTemperature Measurement Kiosks

Fully contactless, desktop-based temperature measurement kiosks that can screen employees as well as visitors in the database. The automatic face saving feature can also be used for secondary security screening.


  • Safer workspace - monitor the information of all employees entering the premises as well as the temperature information. Our infrared camera equipment promotes prevention through non-contact temperature screening and can be used as a thermal scanning kiosk.
  • Fast temperature readings - Say goodbye to long lobby lines! This temperature scanner saves valuable time by giving accurate temperature readings in less than a second.
  • Plug and Play Design - Our temperature kiosks connect via WiFi or Ethernet/LAN connections and may be synchronized with other security or access management systems you use. Easy to install and use!
  • Designed for everyday use - this automated temperature scanning kiosk is ready to stand the test of time. It showcases a water and dust resistant aluminum body that sits on a sturdy base.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction - Our customer service representatives are available to help you with any technical issues. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our equipment, please let us know within 1 year of your purchase and we will be happy to help you.
  • Non-Contact Temperature Scanner - The innovative temperature scanner kiosk is designed to perform automatic face recognition and simultaneous temperature screening to ensure the safety and health of your workplace and employees. Save money, time and hassle from manual temperature screening and data logging. Perfect for entrances to offices, schools, malls, restaurants, theaters, etc.
  • Provide a safe and secure environment for your employees and customers
  • Provides accountability and insight into business operations
  • Temperature Detection Display Models
  • The device is available in three standard models. However, we can customize the stand and base options to meet specific needs. We also recommend hand sanitization and personal disinfection protocols at each site. You can add the hand sanitizer dispenser directly to the podium unit or mount it next to the wall-mounted unit at each entrance.
  • Download the specification sheet

temperature screening kiosk for schools HFSecurity


RA Series Temperature detection display and facial recognition kiosk solutions

  • Instant access to security data for temperature logs, personnel, visitor and facility management.
  • SafePass Software Console

Body Temperature & Facial Recognition Touchless Kiosk

  • Data tracking for personnel and visitors
  • The SafePass console included with the HFSecurity temperature detection display system provides an overview of device counts and online status, as well as statistics for face scans, daily passes, and real-time monitoring.
  • Total number of face scans
  • Employee Scans
  • Visitor Scans
  • Stranger scans
  • Quick access to data and real-time monitoring.
  • Employees
  • Visitors
  • Restricted people
  • Body temperature readings
  • Mask detection
  • Please contact us for a demonst
  • Secure corporate data while providing easy access to employee

Contact our team of experts to take the first step in deploying or modifying your solution.

Other ID and Access Control Solutions

  • ID and smart card access control solutions
  • Work with virus and proximity monitoring technologies to provide secure access and peace of mind for employees and guests
  • Industry-specific access control solutions.
  • Government ID, cards and access control cards
  • Retail and hospitality personalized gift, membership and loyalty cards
  • Smart cards for travel, gaming and entertainment
  • Healthcare and hospital badges
  • Pharmacy and laboratory security ID and access control cards
  • Educational facility staff, student and employee ID and access control cards
  • Transportation and logistics access cards

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Contact our team of solution experts to learn more! We're here to help.

To help your organization reach new levels of productivity, efficiency and accuracy, you need a true partner, not just a vendor.

HFSecurity offers a wide range of professional services to provide a complete technology solution for our customers. We want to ensure that you fully understand how to use your hardware, software and technology systems and get the most out of your investment. 

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