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Smart Card Alliance Highlights Policy For Access Control Update

Author: huifan   Time: 2016-10-19

The Smart Card Alliance said its “paper provides commentary on the impact of the update on the access control industry and on government agencies procuring and implementing access control systems. In the response, the Smart Card Alliance addresses how the updated guidance:"
1. Provides a continued strong focus on the need for implementing updated federal information systems that address information security and privacy;
2. Reinforces the requirements of HSPD-12 and FIPS 201 and the use of the PIV credential for federal employees and contractors;
3. Defines the physical access control system (PACS) as an information system that is under the jurisdiction of the CIO and IT departments;
4. Assigns responsibility to specific agency staff for modernization of IT resources; 
5. Requires agencies to prioritize funding for modernization of IT resources
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