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rduction for Fingerprint reader

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-17

Fingerprint reader, is used for biometric fingerprint recognition for secure identity,with  irreplaceable, can not be copied and unique characteristics, used high-tech digital image processing, biometrics and DSP algorithm technology and so on. can be used for access control security, personal identification for security management, a new generation of security access control system in line with modern requirements. Fingerprint reader used to replace the traditional finger/ key and existing IC& ID card function, which uses the human fingerprint anisotropy and invariance, to provide users with safe and reliable means of encryption, just finger flat on the fingerprint using the instrument collection window to complete the unlocking task, operation is very simple. And avoid losses due to lost and stolen keys, identification cards or forged locks decipher caused by traditional mechanical locks, identification card, password lock, and the system also has a screen character display function, thereby enhancing the access of protective measures, implement security management functions.