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Fujitsu featuring breakthroughs in biometric customer authentication at NRF 2018

Author: HF SECURITY   Time: 2018-01-29

Fujitsu Frontech North America featured its latest breakthroughs in PalmSecure biometrics and washable/wearable RFID at NRF 2018 show in New York City.
Fujitsu will be demonstrating the F-Pro palm vein biometric sensor and the Fujitsu STYLISTIC V535 ruggedized tablet with embedded F-Pro sensor for authentication in a fixed or mobile retail environment. The F-Pro features the latest and smallest palm vein biometric sensor to date based on PalmSecure technology.
Fujitsu will also be demonstrating the washable/wearable WT-A533L UHF RFID fashion tag. The 7mm wide tag fashion tag is a clear, ruggedized tag that can be discreetly affixed to high-fashion articles to track their location and combat fraud.