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Sequrest to enhance Banking Systems solutions’ security with facial recognition

Author: HF SECURITY   Time: 2018-01-26

Cybersecurity firm Sequrest announced it has been selected for a strategic partnership by Banking Systems Ltd of Panama, to implement facial recognition for its NexorONE and Bansoft online banking solutions.
Banking Systems chose Sequrest to minimize the risk of hacking and unauthorized account access, and enhance the security of its software, which is used by financial companies including banks, credit unions, eWallets, and payment platforms in 40 countries.
“Our company mission is to strive to excel by delivering more than expected and our partnership with Sequrest will help us to achieve this,” says Banking Systems CEO Remy Swaab. “Sequrest will work with our banking customers to address the escalating risks faced in the digital financial world. As a global company, we wanted a partner that understood global risks and could deliver a full spectrum of cyber security solutions that offer complete protection to our customers, irrespective of where they are located.”
Sequrest provides facial recognition and biometric technology, encrypted communications, multi-factor authentication, and cyber intelligence, according to the announcement. Its services are product and technology-agnostic, and it provides bespoke advisory protection on an on-going basis.