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HF SECURITY: New technology magnetic USB for biometric products

Author: HF SECURITY   Time: 2018-01-12

We did a research in 2017 to ask 2500 customers about how is HF SECURITY product working after one year sold. Including Wireless fingerprint scanner with buletooth function and android fingerprint tablet and handheld. Really happy to know that over 72.3% feedback that the device shows a good performance all the time. The client is very satisfied with it.


9.2% customer feedback that the device is good. But there is a small problem that the USB connection of android device is easy to contactless. Especially when stuffs have a wrong operation. But they understand of it. Cause this is the most problem in electronic models. Even if Apple cannot escape from it.


We would like to thanks for those client who accepted our questions and give us such constructive suggestions. Also grateful for their understanding. Even though all electronic supplier have to face this kind of issues. HF SECURITY can't avoid this too. But we cannot ignore the problem just because everyone face it and they have no idea on it. It's not what huifan do.


We always been trying to provide a better use experience for clients. We noted this issue. We fixed it. Now we are working on magnetic USB. Here share how is this magnetic USB works: Hope this technology can be used on our device as soon as possible. We will keep closely posting on this.