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HF SECURITY: Continue our Competition of biometric and international business knowledge

Author: HF SECURITY   Time: 2018-01-10

Last week We mentioned there is an interesting game in house of HF SECURITY. Including biometrics, International business, logistic, HF SECURITY product knowledge totally four part. Since our technical engineer has been out of office for study. The winner

postponed to our executives -Ms. Joyce which from Africa & Latin America team.


We started our round2 on yesterday. Everyone can challenge with the winner. The top one must be with full knowledge about the biometrics and international trade.


After a fierce competitionWe answered what we know. Recorded what we are unfamiliar knowledge. Compared with last time. We learned more about logistics part and import cost by our client. All of this. Trained us to be a sale with a great service.


At final. All of us are admire with our executives Joyce. Who knows much professional things and different country’s religion &culture. She got the highest score in us. And also congratulate our supervisor Ms. Kelly to be the winner who comes from Europe team in the round2. Other team members also show a high performance in the game.


Let’s looking forward the final game on this Friday. The real winner will be born on that day with super gift provide by Huifan. 


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