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HF SECURITY: Competition for biometric and product knowledge in company

Author: HF SECURITY   Time: 2018-01-05

Yesterday afternoon. Huifan held a contest in-house. Including biometrics, International business, logistic, HF SECURITY product knowledge totally 4 part questions. Most questions are based on what our customer confused and care about in our daily working.


After answering 5 basic questions in the 1st round. A couple colleague have a quick answer game. Not only know the question but also training the reaction. We nervous. We focus, We highly concentrated, We Cheer. Every minutes in this game is meaningful.

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At final. Our technical guy win the top one. But this is not the end. We will continue the 2nd round on 9th, Jan soon. With better preparation and Put more enthusiasm on this. Cause this is not just a game for us. This is a way that we known better about what our customer needs. And help them with more professional advises based on our fingerprint scanner and android tablet terminal. Also this is a good exchange meeting. We always focus on our client, our business, And forget our weaknesses. The Competition reminds us keep learning from each other.


All we know is we are fighter but we are not fighting alone.


Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer