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Huawei Enjoy 7S and Honor 9 Lite Feature FPC Biometrics

Author: HF SECURITY   Time: 2017-12-27

A Fingerprint Cards sensor is being used in two new devices from Huawei, and both stand to benefit from improvements in the underlying technology.
The Huawei Enjoy 7S and the Honor 9 Lite both feature an FPC1028 sensor model. It’s a change for both smartphone lines, with the original Honor 9 having used an FPC1264 sensor and the Huawei Enjoy 6 having featured an FPC1025. And according to FPC, it’s a change that marks the launch of an upgraded version of its underlying biometric technology.
In a statement, FPC said the models launch “The Fingerprint Reader 4.0, which supports AI self-learning, 0.25 second fast unlock, and multi-functions including one-touch payment.” With respect to the AI, the company explained that its algorithms will adapt to subtle changes in the user’s skin such as a small cut or even “seasonal changes”. Meanwhile, additional functionality is supported too, with the company’s “MoveTouch” technology allowing users to do things like double click the sensor button to open a browser or do a long tap to open an image gallery.
The upgraded technology – and its integration into new smartphones from Huawei – indicates that FPC is still very much committed to its mobile business, even as it seeks to expand into new areas like biometric payment cards. And it also appears to point to the need for continuing innovation, perhaps especially in a market that is now heavily saturated and seeing slimming margins.