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HF SECURITY: Facial Recognition Door Lock LF100

Author: HF SECURITY   Time: 2017-12-27

Recently. We got many requirements about the face access control models. which install on our CEO'office. As we know the biometrics technology has a quick development in nearly 2years. The fingerprint door lock already widespread in thousands areas. Going into million homes.


But the technology world will never end up forward. Compare with fingerprint verification. The facial recognition way is more convenience and smarter. Released your hands.with the special algorithm design and analysis make recognition succeed less than 1 second.


We list below function hope will help you know this door lock better.

      European standard mortise with 5 latches

      3 inch touch screen with high definition

      4 independent unlocking – Face, PIN, Card, Key

      Support data upload/download via USB port


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