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HF SECURITY: Merry Christmas in Huifan Family!

Author: HF SECURITY   Time: 2017-12-26

We hold a party in Huifan to celebrate Christmas yesterday afternoon. And it's really a wonderful time with all Huifan members together.


All of us prepared a little gift for our colleagues. We are so expecting because we don't know who will receive my gift. And what kind of gift I will received by others.

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At the beginning of the party. We make a fashion design to improve the cohesion of teamwork. Each team describe the design concept. We had voting selects the most popular design. Below pic is our CEO Mr. Mike cosplay the Monk. The pleasant atmosphere is around us all the time. We singing, Dancing, Playing games. We eating, laughing, Wishing each other.

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At final, We open the gifts together. Everyone get surprised and satisfied. With chocolate, cake, candy, pillow, massager and so on. This is a meaningful party, We knew how precious friend we met in Huifan. How important they are. We have the same goal to work on. Bring our fingerprint scanner and tablet with fingerprint reader, Chip smart card reader to more big stage to different countries. All those smiling face will be remembered in everyone’s mind.

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