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British Airlines, Vision-Box Bring Biometric Boarding to LAX

Author: HF SECURITY   Time: 2017-12-22

British Airlines is now offering automated biometric screening for travelers heading out from Los Angeles Airport.British Airlines, Vision-Box Bring Biometric Boarding to LAX
The technology comes by way of Vision-Box, which has made a name for itself providing automated biometric eGates to numerous other airports in recent years. The British Airways deployment essentially replaces passports and boarding passes with biometrics, allowing travelers to verify their identities just by looking at a camera prior to boarding.
The project builds on technology used by British Airways at Heathrow Airport in the UK, and the airline says it worked in close collaboration with authorities at the LAX and the US Customs and Border Protection agency. The CBP has shown a strong and intensifying interest in biometric border screening over the last several months, and has also experimented with such technology at land and sea ports.
In a statement announcing the deployment, Los Angeles World Airports Chief Innovation and Technology Officer Justin Erbacci said airport administrators “have been very impressed with the results thus far, and love to see the passengers’ excitement at being some of the first in the world to use facial recognition to board British Airways flights from LAX to Heathrow.” That kind of enthusiasm could help to encourage other airports to partner with Vision-Box and other solutions providers as the appetite for biometric border screening continues to grow around the world.
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