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ManeulLab Uses FPC Sensor in Smart Card Solution

Author: HF SECURITY   Time: 2017-12-21

Fingerprint CardsManuelLab Uses FPC Sensor in Smart Card Solution has revealed another partnership in its expansion into the biometric smart card market: South Korea-based ManeulLab is using FPC’s biometric technology in a new solution called “The Card”.
The solution is designed to support contact-based and contactless transactions, and is available in versions designed for access control, ID, and payment applications. Each card features an integrated fingerprint sensor from Fingerprint Cards’ FPC1300 series launched toward the end of last year, imbuing with biometric security requiring a fingerprint scan for transaction authentication.
The integration was unveiled at the recent Trustech event in Cannes, and represents the latest of multiple recent maneuvers taken by Fingerprint Cards to solidify its position in the emerging biometric smart cards market, including a recently announced partnership with NXP Semiconductors to develop contactless biometric payment cards. FPC is one of a number of firms that have been working at a frenzied pace over the last several months to develop biometric smart card technologies, with the market expected to blossom in 2018 as major brands like Mastercard start to actively promote such solutions to the mass market.