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New biometric system boosts Marines data sharing capabilities

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-12-14

 The Identity Dominance System-Marine Corps (IDS-MC) captures fingerprints, iris and face images, to aid detainee management and questioning, base access, counterintelligence screening, border control and law enforcement operations. It replaces the Biometric Enrollment and Screening Device (BESD), and allows immediate information sharing with the Tactical Data Network, as well as data management and feedback. The BESD system relied on data transmission through via CD or DVD.
“The IDS-MC is more convenient because it connects directly to the Marine Corps’ Tactical Data Network, allowing Marines to share data and submit biometrics and receive the responses effortlessly,” said Sarah Swift, Identity Operations Team lead for Biometrics and Forensics Systems at MCSC.
The IDS-MC consists of the handheld Secure Electronic Enrollment Kit device, and a laptop computer with specialized biometric capabilities and a badge printer. Biometric, biographical, location, and other reference data is submitted to the Department of Defense’s Automated Biometric Identification System database through a web portal, enabling it to be shared and added to the DoD’s Biometric-Enabled Watch List (BEWL). If biometric data collected from a person matches data on the BEWL, a pop-up notification appears on the device. The BEWL system is based on Aware’s BioSP.
The system capabilities are meant to address requirements specific to Marine Expeditionary Forces.
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