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HF Security: Not only good quality. But also service.

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-12-12

Product is always what Huifan focus on. The customer who cooperated with Huifan once know that. But It's not the only thing we care about. A good quality is a part to make up a great brand, not all of them. From a product process to supply it till client hand use. Huifan responsible for whole line.


Such as our wireless fingerprint scanner model. We provide full SDK for development. Also with technical support behind to assist our customers complete the test successfully. For our android tablet with fingerprint sensor. Sold the device to customer is not the end but the beginning. We will tracing the user feedback to calculate rework rate to make sure it keep a very low number. And of course. We will response for the issue for our Fingerprint terminal.


After several years hard working on this. Huifan's product and service enjoy a great reputation in the market. Thanks for our client's recognition. Below is some of their comments. We will much hard work to make it better and better.


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