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Philippines issuing 500k biometric driver’s licenses per month

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-12-08

The Philippines Land Transport Office (LTO) has completed the nationwide launch its new biometric driver’s licenses, which are supplied by Dermalog, and is now issuing 500,000 per month, the company announced Wednesday.
The LTO began issuing the first of the new cards, which include 32 security features and fingerprint biometrics, in the Metro Manilla area 3 months ago.
“We are happy that the new system is replacing the backlog of the old paper based intermediate driver´s licenses very fast and effective,” said LTO Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante. “LTO is confident that the full backlog will be cleared until April 2018.”
Dermalog’s Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) prevented more than 20 attempts to obtain a second driver’s license under a different name during the initial phase of the rollout.
“We are proud that the ambitious time frame of LTO could be fulfilled,” commented Dermalog CEO Günther Mull. “The system went live after 4 months and – with the help of LTO – the national rollout was completed within another 3 months at all 257 locations.”
Dermalog is also providing a multi-purpose biometric card for the Maldives to be used as a passport, driver’s license, payment card, among other uses.
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