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HF SECURITY: New launched Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock A18

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-12-06

Huifan not only provide ready time attendance and access control. Or Android fingerprint handheld & tablet. We also supply security model that related biometrics. Such as the newest door lock - A18


This model is under half a year to development. Combine multi-function on one lock. With 10 years experience in security field. We picked up most necessary requirements of our customer to product this door lock. If we just stopped at basically requirements. Then we will not recommend specially here.


With our R&D department develop. This door lock can be work under below function:

Open the door by 5 ways:

1. Fingerprint / 2. RFID Card / 3.Password / 4.Mechanical Key / 5.Connected with smart phone to control the door

2.Used by Capacitance fingerprint sensor which imported from United States,

3. Automatic open the door and Infrared detection automatically locked.

4. Elegant design and Easy installation. Convenient for using.


So far we haven't released our A18 in the market. It need to complete the final quality test. And we will keep you posted with further updates. If you are interested in this new biometric door lock. Welcome to contact us freely. A18 will be in a market pre-sale soon. And you will be the first turn to receive this new product.


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