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B.C. government expands use of BIO-key fingerprint authentication solution

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-11-30

The Province of British Columbia is expanding its use of BIO-key’s fingerprint authentication solution, WEB-key.
The B.C. government first deployed BIO-key’s technology in 2012 to enable secure self-service access for identity information management and authentication services. Now, BIO-key’s WEB-key solution is being deployed into new areas, leveraging biometric authentication to augment physical access control in a new facility.
“By leveraging international standards for biometric data, BIO-key is able to provide the Province with a flexible, secure, and highly scalable platform for managing biometrics across a broader range of use-cases,” explained BIO-key CEO Mike DePasquale. “It’s particularly gratifying when an existing customer expands his or her use of our solutions.”
DePasquale added that the company’s “long-term track record in providing scalable, interoperable and world-class software and hardware solutions that meet regulatory requirements distinguishes BIO-key as a trusted government partner.”
Earlier this month BIO-key reported a 118 percent revenue increase in its third quarter revenue report. The company also added Fabian Shin to its board in an effort to expand its presence, experience and base of relationships in Asia.
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