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HF SECURITY: Buletooth fingerprint scanner used in Bank project

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-11-22

Now days. Biometric verification is more and more popular in the world. It could be widely used in Bank, Employee attendance, Healthy care, E-signature, E-voting, SIM card register and so on


Biometric is the science of recognizing an individual based on their physical and behavioral traits such as: A fingerprint , Finger vein or palm vein pattern, Or IRIS recognition. One of our Huifan biometric project is cooperated with Meezam bank that log in applicaion by our bluetooth fingerprint reader HF7000. With fingerprint verification based on authentication system are widely considered to be more reliable than personal identification number(PIN) or password systems.


That's what Huifan hard work on. Bring our life into a new high security  level. As HF7000 is our star product. Here share you a link to know more about this bluetooth fingerprint scanner. Welcome to catch us freely to get more details. Whatsapp:+86 13667681778 / Email:


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