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HF SECURITY: Huifan Got A Great Senior Executive

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-11-16

Wonderful day!
Today, Huifan ushered in a new executive, Ms.Joyce
The day of 3/14/2015 is where her dream begin when she come,
The day of 2017/1/20,To be supervisor is where her dream took off
The day of 2017/11/15, Promotion a executive makes her dream start fly
Worked in calm. Responsible for every cases on her business, leading Africa team Fight in the biometric world
Live in positive and optimistic.Also a great listener among colleagues
She is the one who trusted by her foreigner customers,A friend who across the sea and mountain with a warm heart
Luckily, Huifan has such a top executive, who places high demands on herself, did her best to help team members, and loyal to the company. 
Besides, We also believe that there will be a large number of people who have the same dreams just like Joyce to realize themselves on the big stage in Huifan
Your beauty is better than The flower in your hand, The smile in your eyes is better than everything in the word, Congratulations !
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