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New ID cards in the future waving to verify identity

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-10-26

Fingerprint Identification Device Manufacturer

For a long time, identity authentication has been the scene of everyone's life. With the development of science and technology, in addition to the traditional documents, fingerprint identification, authentication, iris recognition technology has gradually entered our daily life. IPhone X has come up with facial identification technology to solve the problem of identity authentication. But recently there's a new way to identify people. 

According to foreign media TechCrunch reports, two former Leap Motion employees set up a new company, the development of palmprint recognition technology, the future may only need to shake palm can complete identity authentication.

According to reports, the company saw the extensive application of authentication in the virtual world, entity security and cash withdrawals and so on. Lenny Kontsevich, chairman of the board, said, "you can think of your palm as a very big fingerprint. It's very rich in structure, and it can be captured by any camera."

According to a statement, Redrock Biometrics's technology converts a palm image into a unique signature and verifies the user from 10 to 100 milliseconds at the speed of CPU. This technique uses machine vision technology to detect palm and to register or verify by its descriptor.

This technology can be run on the client or on the basis of registration template matching verification request, the process is used in thousands of palm on the test of proprietary algorithms. Konsevich says his palm scanning technology doesn't require special equipment, and it's more secure than other scanning techniques, and the problem is how to capture images and process these images from the background.