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Bioconnect releases dual-factor fingerprint plus card lock for data centers

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-28

BioConnect has released CabinetShield, a dual-factor fingerprint plus card lock designed to fit onto the most common server cabinets in a data center.
The product has an HID multiCLASS read head with a fingerprint sensor, allowing it to support finger only, and card plus finger deployments.
CabinetShield was designed to provide a secure solution for server cabinets in the data center , providing colocation providers and their customers with greater visibility into access events throughout the entire facility.
Depending on the type of data that is stored in the physical location, various governing bodies (PCI, HIPAA, AICPA SOC, or other) enforce that any organization handling or storing data must comply with specific asset documentation, configuration and change management, as well as transparent documentation and physical access security policies.
The solution connects directly to a central access control system through BioConnect ID Enterprise, which has integrations with over 20 leading access control solutions.
When combined with BioConnect’s integrations with Suprema biometric readers, the audit trail shows who accessed a cabinet and when, as well as each critical point of the facility as the templates captured at initial enrollment are tied to the user profile and work on both CabinetShield as well as Suprema devices connected to the system.
CabinetShield is the first solution for access control that combines multiple biometric vendors and hardware types.
An undisclosed national colocation facility in the United States approached BioConnect seeking a solution to secure a customer’s cabinets.
The customer had two different teams that would be required to access to the same pod housing about 60 cabinets at initial deployment and they wanted to ensure that each team could only access specific cabinets in the space.
Since the cabinets were housed in the same pod, the customer needed to be able to restrict access to each cabinet.
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