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Aruba Airport Authority, Vision-Box to further evolve Aruba Happy Flow

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-17

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Aruba Airport Authority, manager and operator of Queen Beatrix International Airport, and Vision-Box have partnered to further evolve the Aruba Happy Flow biometrics-based passenger processing system.
“The Aruba Happy Flow Proof of Concept has exceeded our expectations during these two years, paving the way for a new direction for the airport,” said James Fazio, CEO of the Aruba Airport Authority. “On the other hand, with this new partnership with Vision-Box, we are now very excited to get the opportunity to establish a pioneering Centre of Excellence, where we aim to understand tendencies, develop new products and technologies in a real-life environment and support local economy. This combined effort will surely mark another milestone in the development of the future airport.”
The partnership will represent Aruba Airport as an airport that drives change with passenger centric focus, generating value for their stakeholders and a seamless passenger experience.
In addition, the partnership should provide skills development for Aruban and international students through the Vision-Box Centre of Excellence, while developing a strong foundation for sustainable airport solutions.
“This is indeed a great partnership. Aruba airport has already embraced the new era of the digital airport concept and it will soon benefit further from our game-changing technology for the Gateway 2030 project,” Miguel Leitmann, Vision-Box CEO. “We are convinced that this partnership will be the ground base for the next generation of Happy Flow, reaffirming Aruba Airport as an innovation center for passenger facilitation and projecting Aruba with a highly recognizable worldwide airport.”
The Strategic Partnership is built on the pillars of innovation, Gateway 2030 (first airport designed for Happy Flow), the Centre of Excellence (CoE), and showcase.
Innovation comprises of both partners being committed to invest in evolving the Aruba Happy Flow platform, while new functional solutions will be (co-)created and assessed at Aruba Airport.