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First European trial of Mastercards biometric card completed

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-17

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UniCredit Bulbank of Bulgaria recently completed the first European trial of , which combines chip technology with fingerprint technology to verify cardholders’ identity for in-store purchases.

The biometric card works similar to any other chip card whereby the cardholder inserts the card into a retailer’s terminal while placing their finger on the embedded sensor. The fingerprint is verified against the template and, if the biometrics match, the cardholder is successfully authenticated and the transaction can then be approved.

The Mastercard biometric card uses IDEX’s flexible fingerprint sensor. According to a company statement, IDEX’s off-chip technology uses a thin, flexible sensor made from a low-cost polymer. This allows it to be compliant with ISO standards for long-term durability and makes it uniquely suited for use in smartcards.