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BBC Microsoft developing voice recognition and AI capabilities for iPlayer

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-17

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The BBC has been working with Microsoft to develop a proof of concept, artificial intelligence-based media player that allows viewers to navigate their television programming using their voice, according to a report by Microsoft News.


The experimental version of BBC’s iPlayer allows users to watch television shows and listen to the radio via the internet.

In the BBC’s test, viewers were able to log into their BBC account by activating iPlayer and by simply stating their name and a phrase, out loud.


During this process, the AI technology compares the tone, modulation and pitch of the user’s voice to a sample the person has previously uploaded to the service.


If a match is found, the viewer is successfully logged into the account without having to type in a username and password.


Viewers are then able to choose what show they want to watch by using voice commands. For example, a user can say “BBC, show me something with action” to be given a selection of action program.