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Infinity Optics Solutions releases combined iris and face authentication sensor

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-21

Infinity Optics has released what it calls the world’s first multimodal biometric solution combining iris and facial recognition using a single sensor and no optical blind zone.
Since last year’s launch of the advanced iris recognition technology that works with remarkable user distances, Infinity Optics’ new solution now provides an enterprise grade biometric modality allowing a False Accept Rate (FAR) of 1/10 million when combined with third-party facial recognition technology.
“The single lens technology combining with our proprietary iris authentication algorithm and third party facial recognition technology now builds one of the most secured foundation for biometric applications,” said Gilles Mathieu, Infinity Optics’ chief scientist. “As you know, iris recognition technologies have been slow in market adoption due to the user experience, even today in mobile solutions. Users have to bring their smart device to a certain distance before they get authenticated. With biometric depth-of- field imaging solution, we removed all these inconvenience to make biometric extremely user friendly, and at the same time delivers enterprise grade security.”
Spanning only 3 mm (0.1 inches) in size, Infinity Optics’ patented biometric depth-of- field (BDoF) technology can fit into the bezel of a laptop or any smart device, and contains only one piece of optical lens.
This provides an incredibly cost-effective enterprise grade biometric solution for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) compared to more complex and costly autofocus systems or dual camera systems.
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