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Chincotech to begin live testing facial and voice recognition software in October

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-21

Japan-based biometrics technology developer Chincotech will begin live field tests for the company’s combined facial and voice recognition software in October.
The company’s facial and voice recognition software has been undergoing lab tests for the past 14 months.
“We have had outstanding success with our lab tests and have achieved a 99.9 percent accuracy rate when combining our biometric facial and voice recognition technology,” explained Paul Rashford, Chincotech’s head software development engineer. “The biometric fusion of voice and facial recognition software is ideal for many applications with banking being a stand out one – imagine the security levels that can be achieved once passwords are eliminated.”
Chincotech has also recently updated its algorithms to improve the accuracy of its XFR8 3D facial recognition technology as a stand-alone system and also to be able to allow a smooth integration into its combined facial and voice recognition software.
Rashford said the company will be conducting live tests with two banking institutions where it will test the biometric system’s false accept rates (FAR) and false reject rates (false negatives or FRR), Rashford said.
on both Android and iOS devices in an effort to cover a wide range of mobile and retail apps.
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