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AI is face recognition technology can predict criminals

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-21

By intelligent camera scanning face, use facial recognition technology to forecast analysis based on AI, then you can help the police in advance forecast criminals, it sounds a bit of a scare, but all this is happening.
"Is establishing a facial recognition system in our country, according to someone where to go, which actions they had done, for he set up the crime risk rating, and then put the prediction results to inform the police. For example, the man who bought a kitchen knife is not suspicious, but if the same person after bought a hammer and a bag at the same time, the man suspected of rating goes up,"
It is understood that the AI techniques that are mainly relied on in early prediction of crime include behavioral recognition and gait analysis. These techniques can be used to pick out suspicious people in the crowd. The technology is so mature that it can match people's photos taken ten years ago, and now it has software in more than 50 cities across the country.
In addition, yueyu technology has had a technology to do so before, and it will track people who often travel to sensitive countries such as myanmar or Vietnam, and then automatically mark the number of times to inform the police. Yueyu spokesman Yang zheng believes that this is of great significance to the effective capture of criminals and terrorists.
If the successful application of this technology is no problem at the algorithm level, there is no need to worry about hardware.
It is understood that China is now combining facial recognition with a huge surveillance camera network, and the number of surveillance cameras has reached 176 million, and the number will only continue to grow. In addition, the government has mastered everyone's archives, which can be based on previous records to predict who is more likely to commit crimes to strengthen surveillance.
Based on these two points, using this technique to predict crime will become very simple. Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics associate professor of computer science and engineering college LengBiao said: "in the face recognition has been leading in the west China, in addition to the enterprise itself, from the point of view of government strategy, the technology will be faster than the United States and Europe."
On Thursday, it issued a government document stating that it would build a $150 billion artificial intelligence industry by the end of 2030. There is no doubt that this includes the fight against crime and terrorism.
China science and technology vice minister said Julie, "predicted crime will become the important functions of the government, if we use intelligent systems and intelligent facilities can know in advance who might be terrorists, who may be criminal, that the police would become more efficiently, society becomes more harmonious."
It's worth noting that, in addition to being used in defense, many Internet tech companies in China are using face recognition to do other things. For example, baidu USES its facial recognition technology to verify customer identity and alibaba USES its security payment transaction.
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