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Unattended convenience stores are tuyere or shortlived

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-21

Taobao's creation festival, which was launched from July 8 to 12 in hangzhou international expo center, was the second year of taobao's creation festival, which moved from Shanghai to hangzhou, where alibaba is located. Last year, the technology of elements were placed on top of the first day of creation, about one-third of the whole exhibition, creation in the second section, Buy + and major technology brands were disappeared, only a bit of science and technology elements
The main feature is the unattended retail experience store "tao coffee".
Once upon a time, dream of your store items take scene, with the raider buggy, as much as in dungeons, wide variety of small food, ascends the superhuman powers overwhelmed, from his loss. Now that dream has come true! The biggest bright spot for the "coffee shop" is that there are no cash registers and cash registers inside, and once the user selects a product in the store, only one after the other
The "exotic gate" can experience the thrill of "free" merchandise.
How do you get the "free"
Before entering the store, users will need to scan the qr code through taobao or alipay to obtain an identity code entering an unattended coffee shop. After the gate, you can see seven cameras over the store. The area is divided into the daily shopping area, the dining area and the rest area.
In the daily commodity shopping district, the user can choose the goods freely. The user then passes through the shopping channel, and when the channel exits, alipay automatically deducts the amount of the transaction from the bank card.
Before entering the payment channel, the sensor on the door will automatically identify your identity (mainly the link users' taobao and alipay information). Within the channel, users need the goods to the cameras on display, also need not scan commodity code, through induction and cameras, the system can automatically identify goods, even if the goods in the bag, can also be tucked into the pockets
Should come out. The only feeling of discomfort is that the door shuts off automatically after entering the channel, and the user stays in the enclosed space for about five seconds.
In the dining area, users can order and check out directly through the smart screen in front of the bar. During the meal, when you go to the left side of the screen, you can see your current ordering situation through visual recognition.
Rest area, the desktop is a quite large display, above the desktop has a camera, sat down when the user, the system will automatically facial recognition, desktop screen will automatically log in taobao account. Then, all the items on the desktop display can be dragged to the shopping car. The upper limit for automatic interlocking in unattended coffee shops is 5,000 yuan per person per day.
What is the connection with the security industry
1. The RFID technology
In terms of technology, the core technologies used in the daily shopping area of unattended convenience stores are RFID technology, and security industry and RFID technology are inseparable. RFID technology plays an important role in the application of intelligent transportation, intelligent parking, intelligent access control, radiofrequency anti-theft and other products and solutions. RFID is one of the key technologies for security and the Internet of things
The related products and system solutions are becoming more and more abundant, and the market application is gradually deepening, and the application field is continuously expanding. The establishment of unattended convenience store, the promotion of RFID technology as the important interface of Internet of things is self-evident.
But at the same time RFID technology also has standard unitary, cost high, data collision and so on, want to go up to the Internet of things fast lane, RFID manufacturer still needs to be refined.
2. Image recognition technology
In the dining area and rest area of the unattended convenience store, the image recognition technology is applied, and it is no doubt that image recognition technology can be the strength of security companies. In this store, for the application of image recognition technology is actually more foundation, only applied to face recognition technology, but also as the only one entrance, actual engagement is too low.
3. Integration application
Here's a bold idea of the depth of security technology in unattended convenience stores.
Regardless of the retail plan, we must first solve the problem of user experience on the C end, and then reduce the human cost to the client of B. Because the consumption depends on the consumers, the consumers are all empty talk. In the future, nobody should be able to get rid of all the media, and consumers will be able to complete shopping on their own. Even when consumers go naked
You can also buy goods in stores. To do this, identify the identity first. Face recognition, fingerprint identification, iris recognition technology and so on can be realized, the specific choice of which identification technology, depending on the specific situation, whatever is related to security. In unattended convenience stores, they continue to track consumers and analyze them, in addition to accurate identification
Consumer behavior. This can be done by image recognition technology, for the analysis of the dynamic image AnQi arguably came out, and especially in AnQi hikvision, dahua shares as the most famous of these. After selecting the product, the user enters a specific settlement area. At this point, the RFID technology is used to calculate the total amount of the goods and then match them to biological identification
Technical authentication completed user payment account, easy to complete shopping.
To sum up, enter the store (biometric technology) -- the purchase (image recognition technology) -- settlement (RFID technology, biometric technology), ring link, and security inseparable!
In addition to the work of the unattended convenience store, its anti-theft is closely related to security.
Before we get to this question, let's make it clear that there are many smaller stores. Because these convenience stores usually have small turnover, human cost is high. The big business has a relatively small impact on human cost because of the huge turnover. Their main pain points are supply chain and procurement system. In addition, the consumer structure of large business is also more complex
There are many older people who are less receptive to the new technology of unattended systems. At the same time, the image recognition technology in the small scope of scenarios, the investment of high capital, high technology and its accuracy is acceptable, once the area is expanding, is bound to face such problems as high cost and the decrease of the accuracy. So, the most urgent need for unattended system is small convenience
Shops and small shops Ann industry an important market, and there is no convenience store more special place is that its operation mode totally depends on the integrity of consumer behavior, so the risk is relatively higher, demand for security will also be higher.
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