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Driving schools have been using the face system in succession

Author: huifan   Time: 2017-08-21

It has become a norm in the industry, with a mainframe, two cameras and a complementary light to use the "face recognition" system. A number of driving schools have found that the "facial system" is being used gradually.
Brush face to learn car, regulate coach norm teaching
The popularization of the car is not only to regulate students' learning, but also to regulate the teaching of coaches. Only the coach and the student are in the car at the same time, the time can be timed. In the past, there was some kind of innormality in coaching teaching, such as letting old students teach new students to learn cars, or letting students have their own way of driving, which could be dangerous. Now, with strict implementation, students and coaches need to be certified every ten minutes, so that the situation of old students with new students is clearly contained.
Brush face to learn car, execute immediately
In the survey of random students, not all driving schools are in the implementation of the vehicle, and there are still many ways for driving instructors to check in with coaches to conduct teaching statistics. On the one hand is the limitation of teaching equipment, not all driving schools have this system; On the other hand, many driving schools are still used to teaching in the old ways and don't want to try new teaching.
In the old and new teaching methods of collision and replace, there is no so-called good or bad, each way has the value of its existence, but also have a certain amount of time and fixed number of year, there will be iterative and updated